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  1. Case won! British Gas has withdrawn the Default and agreed to re-calculate the final bill based on the actual final reading. I just need to sort an issue with regard to their estimated bills, after I gave them actual readings now.=
  2. 14 days are up, they've not responded... how odd... NOT! I think the only way I can go now is to send them a notice of intended court action, give them another 14 days and wait for them not to respond then file my papers. Are there any guides to taking this to court? What do you think?
  3. Checked just one at the moment, Experian. The default was lodged mid December 2008. I've sent that letter by the way, asking them why they defaulted me while the account is in dispute.
  4. 1) Approx May 20th 2007 2) Buchanan Clark + Wells (Oddly enough another popped out of the blue through the post this morning (not heard anything from anyone about this in nearly 12 months!) from Wescot threatening court action, oh I wish they would…..) 3) I did but no longer have it (was taken in Sep 2000) 4) I can't check the serial number as I haven't had the bills, I have asked for them but BG haven't sent them. BG Sent reading/estimate payment/bill print out that doesn't detail any other information. I have no intention of phoning them at all, I've read quite a few forums that a
  5. So, based on what we know (or don't, as the case may be, I'm getting confused!) How are BG able to lodge a default, when it appears they know deep down the information they used to place it in the first place is inaccurate?
  6. The fact remains I did not provide a reading on 13-Jun, I wasn't even there at that time! It was mid May, and it wasn't 54531, it was 53981....
  7. Something else that seems a little odd... on the bill they sent me toward the end of last year says: {53342}----{54531} 1189 over 49 days 26 Apr 07 - 13 Jun 07 estimated - we estimated your final reading First 121 kWh at 15.764p Next 1068 kWh at 8.894p On the statement they sent me today it quite clearly says: 13-Jun-07 54531 Customer Meter Reading. Ooook.... how and why would that change? A customer read estimate? Something doesn't smell right...
  8. Oh, forgot to mention, they also admit to sending bills to (a) different address on the same street with my name on it... only 1, which they say they corrected... NOT!
  9. Well, I got a reply, they sent a bill/payment statement that lists what I paid and when I paid it (some of it appears to be missing) Some facts and figures, I moved in to my old address on Sep 1st 2000. The first real meter reading (everything else is estimated) is 8th Jan 2005 by my calculations that means, From and including: Friday 1st September 2000 to, but not including Saturday 8th January 2005, is 1590 days from the start date to the end date, or 4 years, 4 months, 7 days without a reading?! I know for a fact I provided readings over the phone while trying to sort out one
  10. Reason for asking, get coffee! I moved house in May 2007, I telephone through my new address and meter readings which I duly followed up in writing (still have a copy of the letter). The gas bill eventually arrived at my new address and I paid it, this was after some involvement with a DCA (from this point on I assumed BG didn't have any record of me calling, or that they received my letter) I kind of gathered BG were lax as I had lots of problems with them sending bills to different addresses with my name (on the same street), on one occasion BG attempted to cut my landlords (live
  11. Hello all I've been reading these forums for some time but never posted. Before I jump in I just need to clarify something, I have an electricty bill from British Gas for a previous address. On the back of the bill everything is estimated (going to get into that later). For each period on the bill (of which there are three) I have this... {Previous}--{Recent} {51946}----{52012} 66 over 2 days 10 Mar 07 - 11 Mar 07 estimated - estimated First 5kWh at 17.575p Next 61 kWh at 9.916p {52012}----{53342} 1330 over 45 days 12 Mar 07 - 25 Apr 07 estimated - estima
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