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  1. good question not being brill at this sort of thing will find out and get back to you thanks for your replies by the way . I sorta think it also may be us !
  2. Yes she does have a dog, the thing is we are all the management company as only 6 flats built by a private builder.
  3. Hi Mr Shed I get what you are saying, it still begs the question none of us know if what she has said is true (which we don't)so therefore I could say for instance that i have the same dispesation to keep cats, who could argue that point, and if not believing what you have been told is the case who says that I could not park 2 cars in one parking space for instance? There must be some protection for everyone saying just what they want is in there contract so to speak,otherwise all block of flats would I am sure have major porblems.
  4. OK, still a bit baffled here, so if she owns the apartment and had this written in ,and we own our apartment and it is 'her business' as you mentioned and she would not/does not have to show us her 'special dispensation' about the dog, we could all ,could we not claim the same for any pets we would like couldnt we? Our concern as a group of total 6 apartment owners is in setting up our manangment company, so is it all based on the owners word? it seems a bit daft when not to be able to see this clause written in in black and white, and opens the floodgates for other matters too surely.
  5. Thank you for your replies, so one final question, please if this is the case do we have the right to ask to see this, in the management meeting to see if this written in? as we could all claim the same if not or for anything else come to that. Thanks again for all your help.
  6. So what you are saying is that she could in actual fact agreed this when buying? as a 'dispensation' even though there are 5 more flats there?
  7. Hi I may have given you all the the wrong idea, no she is not a tennant she is an owner as am I , what it is ,is my tennant as a cat that does not go out that she is creatng about ! ,(we do not personnly have a problem with any of it) she has a cat and dog (and lives in the flats too)and I am wondering how she could get it into her lease as a special disposition as she calls it and no one else knows or has this? if this makes sense would be grateful of any assistance or knowledge on this.
  8. Yes it does on everyones, but this resident is saying she had it specifically added to hers to have a dog and cat?
  9. Hello everyone, we have an apartment which is in a block of 6 and as yet the management company is not up and running we have one resident who says she had inserted in her lease that she could have a cat and dog does anyone konw if this can be right please? as what about the other 5 residents. We have no problems with a pet at all, just that wondering how that can be.She is being a major nuisance to everyone and is telling us this ,How can we find this out please? Many thanks for anyones help on this.
  10. Hello everyone, looks like a very intesting forum and looking forward to a gool ole browse, I have a question re leases which I will post shortly. So looking forward to getting a lot of your replies if you would be so kind! Tiniegil
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