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  1. OMG! They do say that Him above never gives us more than we can handle - your life at present would suggest that this might not be strictly true!!!??? As if you haven't got more than enough on your plate? Look, I really marvel at just how you are coping with all this, I really, really do. I am full of admiration for you. This 'bad patch' will not last forever - IT WILL BE RESOLVED and so just try to focus on the fact that THERE WILL BE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! If your overworked brain can find the space/time - try to imagine how you are going to celebrate when this nightmare part of you
  2. That just about sums up the state of NHS! Well, hopefully, you get the 'tested' followed by an effective remedy. Nobody should suffer the way you have! I used to get 'weekend migraines' - the minute I returned home from work on the Friday which lasted right up until bedtime on Sunday night, miraculously gone when I woke on Monday morning!? They were bad enough but I just cannot imagine enduring one for a whole week! All the very best. Keep us posted.
  3. Hi there! I can only tell you of my experience of WTC... My husband claimed WTC for our family up until 2002 at which time he lost his job through illness and the benefit changed to Child Tax Credit (same horse, different jockey) together with Incapacity Benefit (Income Support). Each year I dutifully completed the Annual Review form which was quite easy because our only source of income was Income Support. However I did incur a 6 month overpayment during the year my husband ceased employment - due to the fact that I did not inform Inland Revenue when my husband's SSP stopped and Incapacit
  4. I can empathise re your migraines as I suffer too - ask your GP if he will prescribe Zomig (zolmitripan) - I have taken these since over counter medication ceased being effective - approx 15 years on repeat script. Only get 6 tabs per script but I only ever need 1 tab to zap my migraine - no side effects either. They are very expensive (according to my pharmacist approx £15 per tab!) so don't be surprised if your GP doesn't rush to write out the script! If I were you I would tell him that you have tried all over counter migraine relief but that none are effective. Furthermore, if he is not a
  5. I shouldn't worry too much about that - the law is on your side and in any case the time it takes to instigate the eviction process, you'll be quids in!!!
  6. Hi there. I'm far from an expert in this field, although have been at the mercy of DWP (Income Support/Incapacity Benefit) and Inland Rev (Child Tax Credits) for last 6 years. Don't want to 'put the boot in' but they're all a faceless bunch of b......s, robotic and with hearts(?) of stone. The bottom line is, no matter what they told you, you have no proof and cannot pin down any one individual for giving you such devastatingly incorrect information - and even if you could they would all close ranks and you'd still get no satisfaction. The most disturbing thing about your dilemma is that the
  7. Sorry, can't give any advice on this one except my sincere sympathy. I know first hand how being trapped in debt can make you ill and also makes you question the choices you made in life but once you resolve your issue, and I'm sure you will - there's some superb advice given on this site - just sit tight and wait a little - you'll have learnt a valuable lesson in life, never to be repeated again. I know you must feel helpless and hopeless right now but try and get some positivity back into your life (it used to work for me by thinking that there are very many people much worse off than myself
  8. I've had dealings with these people - it doesn't matter what you offer, what you say to them - they're like a dog with a bone. However, they sit up and take notice if Citizens Advice Bureau or any of the local advice centre debt counsellors (mostly one or two in each city - check on internet) sends them a letter on your behalf. They are then very compliant. It's a bit of a hassle getting to see one of these 'advisors' but the end result - peace of mind - is surely worth the effort? One thing's for sure, I don't think you need to entertain the thought of bankcruptcy over this and don't l
  9. Sorry to hear of your troubles. How d'you think I feel then when I'm still being chased (& harassed) for a debt 17 YEARS OLD?! I made my first contact with C.A.B. re this debt AFTER I had been making agreed, reduced payments to Nat West for two years religiously - they became greedy and their insistence twice per year for me to increase payments, drove me to seek advice from CAB as I would write to bank explaining circumstances same - on benefits - but it was as if I had never made contact with them - they totally disregarded my letters. However the immediately responded to letter that
  10. Phew, how complicated! I can only offer my sympathy at this stage but hang on in there, surely someone out there must come forth sooner or later with some problem-solving solutions! Good luck.
  11. If it's any consolation to you, I'm suffering the same memory loss - if it doesn't get written down the minute it comes to mind then it doesn't get done till the next time I remember! lol
  12. Wow, thanks loads! This information is brilliant! It's amazingly put together also. Thank you so very much. Regards, Beryl
  13. Brilliant thanks very much for the clear and consider information.
  14. Hi again! GNI03349 is quite correct - you definitately need to see your MP and not local councillor! Also I would not SEND anything - you need a face to face meeting - you would need to phone and make an appointment or turn up at one of the weekly surgeries they hold. This is what I did and because of the state that I was in on the day (could hardly stop crying when relaying my problem) I'm sure this gained MP's resolve to help. I would not ASSUME that he/she won't be able to help re DWP - as with Inland Rev, they also have an MP'S HOTLINE. Good luck!
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