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  1. Sorry Ting might sound silly but dont understand what you mean. Also the tickets from the three previous days were tickets i had payed for not parking tickets. Cheers
  2. Ive been working in Sheffield paying £6 a day to park up. On a particular day I had no change for the machine so wrote a visible note explaining i would be back within half hour to pay for the full day. When i returned to pay i had a ticket on my van.The van i was using had tickets from the previous 3 days on the window and having put this on the note i had written thought i would be ok. Does anyone know where i stand with this issue or of any defence i might have.
  3. I cant believe these companies get away with what they do- its criminal bordering on fraud. Why hasnt someone with the authority brought this issue up somewhere to do something about it. It just isnt right. Im not racist but i feel the only way someone might take notice is if i make it onto the front page of my local rag for racial abuse. i feel like this because threes customer service ops are a bunch of robots and before long a gasket will blow and im fully prepared to take the consequences for the words i use. from your reply i have no hope but they will not get a penny from me regardless.
  4. Ill try not to be too long winded but having an absolute nightmare with three. Initially took out a contract for 18 months- £15 going up to £30 after so many months. After about 8 months my phone packed up and because i didnt want to spend £190 i had a recon for £40. The first call i received on the phone and it switched off. I sent the phone for repair and the phone came back with exactly the same problem. This happened on three occasions and the final time the phone was returned to me it had even more problems. Considering the number was my main business number for work contacts i was with
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