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  1. As far as I can tell, we are beyond the point of no return. It's an odd business I work in as we have a set income with very limited potential to generate a commercial revenue. They have massively overspent on staffing from the looks of it. We work from a set business plan and so don't have a market position as such - we don't sell a product or service. Like I say....odd. It's quite a specialised field hence my relocation. These jobs are quite few and far between and they almost always result in relocation. Another job has come up elsewhere. Looks like I might be applying for that one
  2. Actually found this: Wrongful trading If a company finds itself in financial trouble and carries on trading to the detriment of its creditors (a practice known as wrongful trading), any director who should have concluded the "point of no return" before it had been reached, can be held personally liable for the debts if the company then goes into liquidation. Directors must therefore be aware of the company's financial status and ensure that someone competent monitors its solvency. However, a director can be cleared of this liability if a court is satisfied that when the director re
  3. Did I ask them if they were insolvent? Yeah, that's how I start every job interview....
  4. Hmmm, okay I'll wait for other replies lol. The directors surely must have known what was going on in their own company or they were extremely negligent in not knowing.
  5. And how would one do that exactly? The last accounts filed were 2012-2013. I am an employee of a company, not a director or owner or anything like that.
  6. Hi all I have recently relocated to the South West to take up a position as the manager of a company. No relocation was offered so I have spent around £2,500 of my own money moving here as well as taken up a 6 month tenancy on a house. Both myself and my wife left permanent employment for a fresh start with this new job and have uprooted the kids etc. to do so. Now, the problem is it has taken a huge effort to even get them to open up the books for me (bearing in mind this is a company the directors want me to manage) and it seems apparent that there just isn't enough income or reserves t
  7. Do you still have the paperwork showing projections etc? Was it to cover a mortgage? When mine matured my terminal bonus was something like 33% of the maturity value so it might not be as completely desperate as you first thought. Plus, whilst you might have paid £18k into it, there will also be a cost taken straight off that for the life cover
  8. As far as I understand it, GAP insurance only covers the shortfall if your car is an insurance write off. So say I have £10,000 left to pay on my agreement and write the car off but the insurance only pays out £5,000, The GAP insurance would cover the remaining £5,000.
  9. How very bizarre.... my good friend David Son has a home in Lyon(s) and he tells me one the directors of Royal Sun Alliance lives nearby in an old building inspired by the Plymouth College of Art.... Ok I think we might be stretching this out a bit now
  10. So just to confirm for the thickos (me).... we need to put Lyons-Davidson or Royal Sun Alliance student insurance in our posts and it will achieve a higher google ranking? Can typing in Lyons-Davidson or Royal Sun Alliance student insurance really make that big a difference? Won't it just be free advertising for Lyons-Davidson or Royal Sun Alliance student insurance?
  11. hahaha good one. Like I said before. Good luck with your 'claim'.
  12. Whats it like to live with that hate inside you? I hope you aren't teaching anyone I know to drive if you can't even be bothered to check the car out first. Good luck with your 'claim'...
  13. How odd... literally tens of people have had a problem with a company, you must be in the right then. I think I've discovered the problem as it happens. You need to do a search for 'I know I made a mistake but I want someone else to pay Action Group' and that should see you right. The facts speak for themselves really. If the car had a nail in the tyre on delivery why didn't you spot it and report it instead of agreeing the car was all ok? The examiner spotted so it was obviously visible.
  14. Blimey there's really no need for that kind of attitude. How do you know that you didn't pick up a nail the first time you drove it? You don't. They do admit that the nail could have been picked up once the vehicle has left the depot but then go on to say it could also happen whilst it is in your possession. I guess this is why they ask you to sign the paperwork to say you have received the vehicle in good condition with no problems. I don't have to rely on my car for my livelihood so I probably wouldn't give it a good going over. If I was in your position where I would be taking students
  15. I love this thread. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it's all over... Might actually have to get some work done!
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