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  1. Hi, I have spoke to my solicitor and they still have not decided if the CCJ will be put to one side or changed yet :-/ On the matter of the ex being solvent my solicitor does not think it matters because it was less than 2 years when she declared herself bankrupt. It was actually 22 months later does this make a difference to the fact that she could've been solvent?
  2. Will ask her about the jewelry but the car they can check up on at that period surely
  3. Car, jewelry, and anything of any value? She had to be solvent then the car was £2500 and she was a jewelry freak. Just need the statements off these creditors:-/ My solicitor says it doesn't matter if she was solvent or not is he wrong??
  4. To prove the ex was solvent I have to prove she was solvent is that cash and assets? What can be classed as assets? Car, Jewelry? or is it just cash.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to look will see if it buy's me some time to get them to accept payments.
  6. I was that ill in hospital you wouldn't believe cant really blame my solicitor even now I cant remember what I watched on TV the night before. No excuse for this I know just bad luck:-(
  7. Its crazy I can swear on my mothers life I was lead to believe that if I accepted I could pay in instalments. I hope it gets put aside then cos I know this team of solicitors are out to make me bankrupt. My solicitor has said all along so maybe he aint that bad after all.
  8. Can I mail you what I've signed today to put to get the CCJ aside. If you mail me at [email protected] I'll send it you
  9. I have a copy off my solicitor the same as she filled in and it just shows what she defaulted for? She has rang these companies up to find out but they are saying they cant give them to her the debt was bought by Maxx Recovery in Leeds she has wrote to these and they have said it could take up to 14 weeks;-/ Have applied today to have the judgement put aside which also asks if that fails can I make payments of £200 a month as a priority creditor. Its all new to me not sure what will happen just think its crazy:-)
  10. Can Beechcroft demand I go Bankrupt at the Bankruptcy hearing even if I'm willing to pay in instalments?
  11. But wont they go after me for preferance Docman and Gingerheid said it looks like the only way out is them disclosing what she owed at that time. Cant see them doing it so just hope she can force it out of the creditors but their all saying sorry we dont have this information we sold the debt on and she said they become proper nasty with her.
  12. Nice one I just hope someone listens I'm just terrified of going Bankrupt I've never had bad credit:-/ Just hoping she comes up with a trump card of being solvent but my solicitor doesn't think it matters he's asked councel? everyone on here thinks it matters?
  13. How do you get someone to be a witness do they go and make a statement to my solicitor??? A few saw the house and knew the problems I got sorted there.
  14. Will do, will see if I can get it put off and see if I can prove she was solvent. Looks like they wont take payments though so wondering if a judge might make them with my problems? They all seem to be in the same club though
  15. The ex has been trying to find out how much she owed but is having great difficulty getting anything back but has wrote letters asking as they wont do it over the phone. Surely they should have to show she was insolvent or is that to keep me guessing gambling on going to court. The letter said it had to be settled on a forthwith basis as that was the grounds the applicant would settle for such a reduced sum:-/
  16. He said he confirms that he will make an application to have the judgement set aside with request that the hearing in relation to the bankruptcy be ajourned till such time that the applicationis heard. He goes on to say, However I think you must give strong consideration to reconsidering your position regarding applying to have the judgement set aside. He said Councel said my case was weak and would almost certainly loose at trial with the lack of evidence. He said I will have to pay the applicants legal fee's of £6500 +vat so expect £46600.
  17. Is it worth trying to get this put to one side or just attend the bankruptcy hearing and hope for the best:-( Had a word with one of the lads that did work on her house he said he would reluctantly make a statement but cant produce receipts which is a bit pointless. Seems pointless asking to get this put aside with no chance of winning. Or is it worth it to ask for a change in how it is paid rather than in one lump sum.
  18. Had letter off solicitor today he thinks we have very little chance of winning this case they've got me all ways. Is there any leagal way I can make them accept a payment rather than make me bankrupt? I signed believing I could pay in installments not raise £27500 who has got that sort of money?
  19. I asked my solicitor about getting the CCJ changed to something I can afford but he said they wont accept that and will go to court. They are so unreasonable its beyond belief.
  20. I have today given my solicitor a medical report to try and have the CCJ to one side but after reading dont think they'll put it to one side. And even if they do I think all I'll do is loose end up with £46600 with the costs but I haven't got £27500 never mind £46600 so all I'll get is to put my side accross and be humiliated by a judge. I know I wont win all I want them to do is speak to the financial management company:-/
  21. Not that good;-) and where do ya get a mortgage these days? I spoke to the mortgage lender the other day about it. He said he knows people wh have dropped there houses £40K and still cant sell because no one is lending. This country is absolutly going to the dogs when normal people get persued like this. Thanks to you all Ging, Doc,Goldlady;-) They cant kill me and what dont kill ya makes you stronger! Would love to get hold of the person who said that;-)
  22. I am an only child:-/ dont really think they'll give my mum and dad one:-/ These people are evil I accept someone elses debt and they want to make me bankrupt not take payments. My solicitor said all along they would go for bankruptcy as they are a team of solicitors and get paid anyway. Dont really understand that but he said they make money no matter what.
  23. It just seems crazy that they are saying they cant prove that she was solvent or not and they can get access to anything. What chance have I got if they cant get the information? Or are they just playing a game not releasing it to my solicitor. I cannot magicaly find the money I have done 2 years on half pay and NO pay and have just been taken on my works permenant health scheme of 80% of my salary for the rest of my life if my health doesn't improve. I am waiting to go on disability hence why I'm stuck on here and tv all day. I tried to get a loan but just my luck in todays current lending climate got no chance. I'm being treated worse than a criminal for doing absoloutly nothing and me and my family could be put out of our home of 30 years. My father is 70 and has emphasymia and my mother is in hospital in Manchester having extensive heart tests. Call us unlucky if you like I'm not after a sympathy vote from a judge just pure comon sense! The laws need to change even if its just to be able to get representation to fight these people they know you dont have money and its just a job to them.
  24. So if I do get this put aside which we think I wont:-/ How can I prove she was solvent if they wont release the details? Is it worth getting an affidavit from her saying she owed me the money and she believe's she was solvent? She has rang Equifax and they cant tell her only how much she went bankrupt for. So it looks like it will fail as I cannot preduce receipts from 6 years ago the best being a statement from a builder saying he did work if he's prepared to? So if I do get back to court could I then ask although I dont believe I owe this money that I am able to pay in instalments rather than make me bankrupt. Why do they want to make me Bankrupt if I'm willing to pay its crazy. Thank you all:)
  25. Well I bet it wasn't Beechcrfoft! I 'd stey quiet and hope for the best. The financial management company hadn't heard of it and said let us know as we may need to change how we do business whatever that means?
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