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  1. Hi Lex Thanks for the welcome and replying so quickly. No one else has access to my phone and I have used the phone very infrequently to check emails. I also travel abroad and send texts, but again very few. Orange have barred me from using the online service so I am unable to check my bill online. Catch 22.
  2. I am on Orange's £35 per month tariff and yet my monthly bills are excessive. Over the last 4 months my bills have averaged nearly £100 per month. My latest outstanding balance is £196 and the last one I paid approx two months ago was £186. I do not receive a bill so I have no way of checking why the bills are so high. I am currently refusing to pay the latest bill and want to have my bills reviewed, butI cannot get access to my online account and now my mobile has been cut off so I cannot call Orange to discuss the bills. Has anyone had similar experience with Orange or another provider? Am I
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