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  1. Sort of yeah. But I've already paid a penalty. I'm not looking to get the money back, just wondered what the situation would be if someone were to be prosecuted or something. I suppose its mostly a topic which could be potentially useful to others. In the case of an oyster card it is slightly different though, If it fails to register correctly even though you do have a valid ticket loaded, you could be accused of not having a ticket if they dont double check your ticket (which they dont seem to do at non-TFL stations). This is more likely on national rail as they seem to be less aware of how oyster cards actually work. This is pretty much what happened to me - it didn't register correctly on the way out of the station and I didnt immediately remember that I had a ticket.
  2. Great, thanks for the insight. Really inspirational for all those who are facing a prosecution. Yeah that's what I was thinking concerning the penalty fare. I understand that its possible for a prosecution to be brought, although it seems very unlikely. The revenue inspectors seem to be working in a strange way where some regular inspectors issue penalty fares only, and big teams sweep large areas at a time prosecuting everyone who doesnt have the correct ticket with no exceptions (such as all the 80p TFL prosecutions recently). Its a very strange way of working...
  3. Just wondering, if you were being prosecuted for 'fare evasion', but had proof that you did actually have a ticket - what could be done about it? Would a train company drop the charges if presented with proof? By proof, I mean an official statement of a registered oyster card. Any experiences? Cheers.
  4. Maursh, could you expand a little on your situation 5 years ago?
  5. Just to let you know that payment was taken today, a full 16 days after I 'paid' on the spot.
  6. Just wondered when payment will be taken from my card for the penalty fare. It was paid on the spot with a debit card, but with an old fashioned machine which prints the card number onto a piece of paper which I assume they have to process in their head office at a later date. It has now been 10 days since the fare was issued, how long will it take for it to be debited from my account. Seems like a long time for it to be taken. Cheers.
  7. Err, criminal proceedings will start when she is 18? That has to be utter rubbish.
  8. Sounds a bit ridiculous, but if they're allowed to penalty fare a 15 year old then I suppose there's nothing you can argue really. What I would say is that, if this did happen again in the future its probably best to pay the penalty fare first, and then appeal so you get a refund at a later date.
  9. This thread is a great read, thanks for everyones input. I am in a similar situation myself, regular travelcard holder, but forgot to renew it when it ran out. Was 'caught' by the transport police and 'cautioned'. He said that if I did it again I would go straight to court. I paid the £20 penalty fare there and then, and was on my way, after he gave me the usual spiel about how its just not worth doing it again. My question is, since I paid the £20 penalty there and then - can I expect anything further from the train company? Can they come back and demand more money or take me to court? Thanks.
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