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  1. Hello. Looked on debt charities websites etc, and can't figure this one. I had a 3 mobile account started 26/4/13. I think I stopped paying mid Sept 2014. I don't recall getting the default letter however. No payments, no letters etc by me acknowledging the debt. Then Lowells took it on 26/11/19. They immediately defaulted me on it. On all my credit files there is no default apart from Lowells. Now, some sites say the 6 years starts from the default date, some say from last time I paid/acknowledged the debt. To who? Lowells or 3 mobile? As Lowells added the default. I do know you cannot default twice on same debt, but it seems 3 did NOT default me. Any questions please ask, thank you.
  2. MS Office Pro 2007 £45.99 Software4Students.co.uk/Office Microsoft Office 2007 For Home. Up To 90% Discount. Microsoft Partner. MS Office 2003 PRO £275 - UKTechstore: All of your software needs Full Version.Get OneNote 2003 Free! In Stock. Don't Pay VAT. Order Now Microsoft Office '07 £254.......... Would somebody really believe they were getting the full versions? Pound to a penny the POS or stickers on Laptop at time of purchase showed 'trial version'. Yes, I understand the industry, I appreciate not everyone does-however it is now 2008-if it was 1996 I would have understood the confusion better. 'Does it come with Office?' 'Yes' And it did. Not being flighty, I just can't see the fuss here
  3. Hi all-my noob post Today I had a very rude baliff on my doorstep hunting 2005 council tax arrears....... To be fair, I had forgotten totally about the debt...which was £109.00. He wanted £295.00 :o I had set up a payment plan (with a debt collector/baliff firm) alongside paying my new Borough CT (no arrears), but simply never switched it to my new bank account. Ho hum. I have received no letter 14 days before a baliff called (should I have?) and have had no dealings with the baliff/debt collectors for 9 months! I forgot-did they? Anyhow-crux is: He wanted £290....... I have 130 quid in bank, which I phoned thru to his company in my drive.. This is more than my original debt......... He handed me a WPO for my old car (which I explained I need to get to work-35 miles away/I work nights/split shifts). I refused to sign it, citing that I cannot (as he said) use Public Transport at 4am He was not even interested about coming in my house-prob because of the huge dog 'willing' me to open the door Now, after he left, insisting I have 5 days ONLY to pay the balance OR my car is gone, I rang the Council concerned and explained..... The guy said he would ring the balliffs, but has not got back to me in 4 hrs..... I told the council I wanted ONLY until payday at the end of the month to pay-reminding him that he has got HIS money today already.... Did I do right? And the balliff cant take my car right? 1996 Accord to boot! What letters can I send them/the council? You think the Council may have success in holding them off until end of month? BTW-it's an old fav of this site-Rossendales..... Their guy was INCREDIBLY obtuse, made NO option of payment plan and tried to be intimidating...... He was a big dood-but not as big as me If they try to take car-should I 'physically' stop them?? Should I park elsewhere? I have noted 2 witnesses details/got statements from them that he never entered my house-but he was looking through glass to get an idea of the layout... Will my statements help? Hmm I have to go to work tonight at 9pm......I'm concerned now
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