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  1. Thank you to you all for putting my mind at rest once again. These lowlifes really do go to great lengths to make your life a misery. I don't know where I'd be without your help. A great many thanks once again Penny P. xx
  2. Hi peeps, and Happy New Year ! I haven't been on here for ages, thanks to the great help I have receivd on here in getting agencies off my back. I have recently received a response to a CCa letter I sent to Lloyds about a year ago. In the letter they say they have sent a copy of the 'agreement' which is basically just a copy of their terms and conditions that you normally get when receiving a credit card. It even has the 'change your mind' bit at the bottom if you wish to cancel the agreement. The document is not signed by anyone. They also say they have enclosed a signed statement of my account but it was definately not in the envelope. In their covering letter they say they are not legally bound to send me a copy of my signed original agreement as they have now "satisfied their obligations under section 78" and will not be entering into any more correspondence with me about providing a copy of my agreement. They also tell me in their letter that they "would not have opened a credit card account without having sight of a signed agreement". This last sentence sounds a bit fishy to me...like they can't find the agreement! Their parting shot is that they MAY report me to credit reference agencies. If anyone can read between the lines of this bizarre letter and give me an idea of what to do next I would be really grateful. I'm just a little worried about the section 78 stuff with them saying they have fulfilled their obligations without the signed copy. thank you in advance Penny P xx
  3. Thank you so much Andie 303, Deathbycrayons and cerberusalert. I'll get a letter off to them on Monday morning. If it wasn't for people like you folks we would all be living in fear. Thanks again. Penny P.
  4. Thank you Deathbycrayons. I really appreciate your quick response. Is there anything I can throw back at them in the way of a response to this letter? Penny P.
  5. Hi there I have recently cca'd westcott and they have written back asking me for my last three addresses for 'security purposes'. Do i have to provide them with this information? They sent me a request for a debt owed to Lloyds TSb with all the facts and figures on it which are my personal info. Any help/thoughts anyone please? Thank you in advance Penny P.
  6. Sounds like you've had a busy day Forgottenone I reckon they are saving all those one pound postal orders for the office Christmas party. Oh crikey, what an image that conjures up ! Like PriorityOne told me, all we can do now is sit back and wait.
  7. Thank you for straightening that one out for me PriorityOne. I'll just wait for one or the other to get in touch. They must nearly be out of time to provide the CCA by now - it was sent on 10th June. Thanks Onmywayout for the good advice Penny P x
  8. Good afternoon Forgottenone I sent the CCaA request to the PO Box 17 address at Spring Gardens in Stockport. Watch out they don't nick your quid too Penny P x
  9. Hi there good peeps I CCA'd Moorcroft on 10th June and today this letter arrived. Dear Pennypitsop I write in response to your recent dispute to the above account and can confirm we have been in contact with Tesco Personal Finance who advised us that you must contact them directly. Tesco have advised us that you will need to enclose a covering letter quoting 'section 78 request' and that you will also need to enclose a cheque or postal order for £1.00. On receipt of your request Tesco will be able to provide you with this information. I can confirm I have placed your account on hold until 03/08/08. However if you are unhappy with the information provided please contact us by return. As I mentioned, I have already CCA'd them (Moorcroft) along with my £1.00 postal order. This was on 10th June and signed for on 11th June. I checked on Royal Mail website. Can anyone offer any suggestions for a suitable reply please? OOps, forgot to add that I did receive a 'Notice of Intended Litigation' letter from Moorcrap on 14th July 08 too. Penny P x
  10. I almost ruined a perfectly good keyboard reading that thread
  11. Thanks creditcardmug Thankfully they only have my mobile number which I usually ignore but I was in a mischievous mood so 'played with them' a bit. It's good to know that people on here look out for each other.
  12. I got the litigation letter on Tuesday this week. I sent them a CCA letter last month and haven't heard a dicky bird since.. Then yesterday a really snotty mare rang and it was the first time since joining this forum that I actually enjoyed winding one of these losers up. I stayed really reeaally calm and when she started screeching down the phone I calmly said "you know, it's a sign that someone has lost control of the conversation when they have to resort to shouting - Bye bye" Boy o boy did that feel good Oops and I accidentally forgot to tell her that the clock was ticking on my CCA which she mentioned nothing about (they did sign for it) A big thank you to everyone on here for giving me the courage to fight back.
  13. Hi gerrard14 have you had anything in the post from GE saying they have referred the debt to Link? Have Link written to you before the telephone call today? I think you need to add a little more information so that the good peeps on here can help you. Welcome by the way pennny P
  14. Thank you so much 42Man, I'll get onto it right away. Glad I can depend on you to help Harrythehawk - It's funny how we learn after the event isn't it but thanks to CAG we do learn Glad to hear they are off your case now.
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