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  1. There's no mention of using the job application part of the online journal on my claimant commitment. As I say, there's only this one Advisor that seems to want to make it a massive issue - terminating the meeting if I dare to argue back. I simply have: check it often - complete to-do list (has only ever been meetings to attend on there) - update circumstances
  2. Thanks for the advice, there isn't anything on my commitment about using the online system. I thought about it when I applied and as I'm well organised already, writing out the information again is a waste of time. If my internet connection is down, I'm stuck and if they lose it or can't access it for whatever reason, it's going to cause problems. At least paper doesn't run out of batteries or need an internet connection.
  3. Ah right, that's good to know. I get shut down as soon as I mention it, all the other Advisors are okay with how I'm doing.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. Is there anywhere that says I have to use the Online Journal, I've been out of the loop for several years but all I can find is a FOI request that backs up my thoughts on being able to provide a printed record. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/460828/response/1115310/attach/html/3/FOI 408 attachment 1.pdf.html
  5. Hi, I'm currently in receipt of Universal Credit and there is an Advisor making my life difficult. So far in meetings with various Advisors I've explained what I've been doing and have a printed list of job applications with me. It confirms the jobs I have applied for with the dates and times the job application was sent. I'm completing everything on my Claimant Commitment and am getting some interviews whilst setting up part time self-employment for myself so all is going well. This one Advisor however refused to even check my printouts and accused me of not parti
  6. Good advice there, thanks for the help. I'm just waiting for them to make me another appointment now!
  7. Hi guys, I was in the fortunate position of being referred to the WP a few weeks before I was due to sign off. I had two meetings at People Plus where they tried unsuccessfully to get the details of why I was signing off. I signed off due to “Personal Reasons” so the DWP wouldn’t pass the information on. This was over a year ago and People Plus have been making me appointments that I’ve just ignored. They continue to make appointments and have tried the sanction threats and have started to get increasingly desperate with several home visits. I even got offered shopping v
  8. So the case has been Stayed, as they have not replied to the defense. Can I apply to get the case thrown out or will this happen naturally if they don't reply back to the court?
  9. got this from Restons today. Is it just them stalling or should I reply with the proof of the CCA and a reminder that the CPR doesn't need to be signed? Restons Redacted.pdf
  10. Cheers Andy, you're a star! If that's everything, I'll get it in today at some point.
  11. 2 The Defendant accepts that he has held an account with Capital One but the amount claimed is denied. It is unclear as to how the claimant arrived at the given figure. I'm a little stuck as to a better way to put this, any ideas if this is not sufficient?
  12. Cheers Andy, I've deleted that part. Are there any other changes you'd recommend before I put this in?
  13. Hows this for the defense, I'd like to get it in early as I've got a busy week ahead and any advice is appreciated: Particulars of Claim 1 The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant under a contract between the defendant and Capital One dated on or about May 01 2007 and assigned to the Claimant. Proposed Defence 1 The Defendant contends that the particulars of claim are vague and generic in nature. The Defendant accordingly sets out its case below and relies upon CPR r 16.5 (3) in relation to which a specific response has not been made.
  14. Cheers for the advice, I'll ignore and see what the CCA can bring up.
  15. So, got a reply from Restons re CPR request. Surprise surprise they are asking for a signature before they can comply. I have a letter to be used in the case of a CCA reply where they ask for a signature. Is it worth tweaking that or just leaving it to wait for the CCA?
  16. I'll have it ready in plenty of time anyway and post on here for a review if that's okay. If a CCA request gets sent back to the original creditor, (assuming the dca has no documentation that is). Wouldn't CapOne be in breach of something by selling it on after that?
  17. Had a read and was going to start writing the defense on the grounds of not having received a reply from the most recent CCA. Obviously enter it after the time limit to supply the documents has expired. If this is sufficient then I wont pursue a counterclaim. Should I mention the other CCAs that I got no response from as well?
  18. Absolutely, lots of reading to do. What's the best way to proceed would you say? Defense that no agreement has been produced and/or counterclaim for the charges? Are there any examples of similar cases, I'm not sure how to write the defense?
  19. Sorry, should have been more clearer. Acknowledged and defended all on the MCOL website. Sent CCA to Cabot and CPR to Restons. All signed by typing my name without an actual signature and sent with proof of postage.
  20. Cheers for the advice and the thread merge. Completed everything and sending the posted stuff back today.
  21. Cheers for the quick responses. So if I use the above link for online acknowledgment and use "I intend to defend all of this claim" Additionally fire out a CCA for Cabot asap? Am I better challenging the validity of the debt as they probably have no original agreement, or counterclaiming for charges on the account?
  22. Hi guys, got a lovely claim form in the post over Xmas and unsure on how to proceed. It’s been passed around various DCAs for several years, and I was unable to get a CCA several times over the course of this table tennis. Another odd thing is that although it was defaulted back in 2010, it’s only showing on Noddle from October this year. Many thanks in advance, hope someone can help. Name of the Claimant? Cabot Financial (UK) Limited – ME19 address Date of issue 22 Dec 2015 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? The Claimant claims payment of
  23. Fair enough, you may have a point in light of the doubt been raised. Glad to say I've signed off now, but I'll continue to appeal as they owe me a month's money! I'll update the thread once everything is resolved just in case it helps others in the same situation. Very much appreciate everybody's help and advice, PC.
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