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  1. Hi mandy.I have just finished my court bundle.I just hope its ok.I have put some of my own information in too.I am going to post it off tommorrow.special delivery.Still got no bundle from yorkshire bank. Did they write to you with a offer or did it get to court?
  2. Oh! my god! theres loads of them.Do i do one for yorkshire.And one for court?
  3. What will happen then? Up to now the court have not had YB bundle.
  4. Do i need to photo copy all the statements.Or just send spreadsheets.To court/and bank.? thank you caro
  5. Caro.Do i send the yorkshire bank court bundle 14 days before court date. same time as courts bundle? I phoned the court today to see if yorkshire bank had sent there bundle in.The lady said no. What happpens now? Do i wait till wednesday. then its 14 days to court date.What happens if they dont send a bundle to court?
  6. mandy can i please ask you something?Can you give me a idea what to send the courts/bank.As my notes have to be in bye wednesday.I am stuck on what to send. I am getting stressed out trying to sort paper work out Thanks maggie
  7. I need help urgently.As i dont know what i am doing.Court on 15 august.Havent finished my bundle cofused.Can someone email me some details what i have to send.My bundle has to be sent off tomorrow.
  8. Hello caro.I am stressing a bit.,Not to sure what i need.I have downloaded.Bookworms.court bundle for cag.My letters from bank.My letters i sent.Do i send my statements to court or list of charges? Thats all i have really.Not to sure what else to do.Mmy court cases is 15 August so i have to send all my things off to bank/court before wednesday.I have asked a couple of times for help but got no reply.How do i send it off in a folder?
  9. Clubby i havent got a clue what to do to download.I have never done it before.I went on to the rapideshare i didnt know which one to download.I am a mallet head.Sorry.I never went to school Can you tell me how to do it?Thank you.
  10. I am in the middle of getting my court bundle ready.I have printed off the court bundle from this website.I have copied my statements.The letters from them.What else do i need?How do i present the file for courts. My court dates 15 august.I want to make sure i have everything right so i dont mess up.Havent heard from yorkshire bank yet.Not a thing.Please put me on the right road.Whats a litigation?Ihave seen this wrote up around the site.
  11. What do i do about the interest thats accrue at 49p per day untill settlement.Do i leave this untill the day of the court?Or add this on?Not to sure how much this is? Since 23/04/07Are you any good at adding up? Thank you
  12. Hi georgieboy.Have you heard anything yet?I havent heard a thing.Got a bit stuck on this court bundle bit.Its doing my head in.I dont know where to start.What to print off etc.Iam getting really fed up with it all now.
  13. I am flapping now its so close to court date 15 august.i aint got a clue what to do about this court bundle.My head is up my backside.Worring about this court date.I need to sort this out before its to late.Can anyone point me in the right direction for a court bundle.Which is simple.For a simple person.Please! please!
  14. My court date is 15 august.I havent heard a thing from yorkshire bank.Whats going on? I havent done my bundle yet.But i notice something to do with litigation!Whats this all about? Not to sure.
  15. I think i will have to buy a new phone with caller display.Like you said ignore or silent.Thanks for that.
  16. Buzby.is there anything i can do to stop this?Besides change my number.Idont want to do that its to much messing about.thank maggie
  17. I have my phone so no one can withheld numbers. But now and again the phone rings when i pick it up. they put it down. So i ring 1471.And it says you were called today at Blah.blah.We do not the callers number. Whats all that about? I pay so know one can ring and withheld numbers.My son has a debt with capital one.But i told them he moved out weeks ago.Its a pain in the arse getting to the phone then they put it down.Anyone any ideas??
  18. Hi thank you for reply.I will report them online if you point me in the right direction. thanks
  19. Can someone tell me where i can get this number to phone OFCOM.please.
  20. I have this every day.My son left home nad they still ring my home.They even put the phone down when i say hello. This is 5 or6 times daily even weekends What can i do?
  21. I am having the same problem.My sons owes them money.He left home but they are harrassing me.Every day.Sometimes they ring.I say hello they put the phone down.Its anoying everyday day.What can i do?
  22. I think i may have messed somewhere.I dont have copys of my N1. or AQ. I have the AQ the bank sent to the courts.Then the courts sent it on to me.But i dont have a copy of the N1.
  23. I am in the same postion as you.I dont know either.My court date 15 august.
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