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  1. Well going to court this morning.Still heard nothing from yb.Let you know what happens later.Its to late for them to settle nowI looks like it has to go to court.
  2. I am in bury county court in the morning.At the moment things are as normal.The lady said its up to the judge if he thinks there should be stay or not.I am scared dont no what to expect.Let you no when i get back.
  3. Hi have printed off a letter of my own stateing i do not want a stay on the case.Its gone on long enough (12mths)they had a chance to settle earlier on in the year In which they had a stay on the case.They had no intensions of paying up.They are just stalling again.I just hope to-god i have done everything right. Putting all the court bundles in right order.Knowing me i havent! What will happen if the bundles all mixed up?I keep thinking they have one over me. thats why they are appearing in court.God i am so scared.I feel like not going. But i have to. i know.I will turn to jelly, if they are there when i get there.I must be the only one who has had to go to court.Bottles gone.!
  4. Hi steven.Do i just type my own letter up.Or is there one in the library which i can print off?
  5. Thanks georgie.I am crapping it.Never been to court before.Postmans been still nothing.Dont know what to do now?Do i need to prepare somthing for the courts?
  6. Hi its says notice of hearing will take place on the 15th august at 9.45AM
  7. Thank you caro.Just waiting for the postman.To see what he brings.I tipped your scales.Because your always there to lend a hand.
  8. Hi caro I know hwta you mean now bye poc.On the claim form.It says breif details of claim.I have put money claim for the return of penalty charges applied to my account.under this its got value.I have put the charges then the interest.Amount added to £2248.49.Behind this on a small peice of paper it says.1 the claimant.Has a account number ----------- with the defendant,Opened 1882Since 28/02/01 The defendant debited charges and interest in the respect Of purported breaches of contract.Defendant is aware of all the details as a list of charges has already been supplied.nother copy will be sent.Claimants contents.(a) The charges exceed the defendants losses caused by thebreaches(b) the term permitting the defendant to levy such charges is unenforceable under the unfair terms in consumer contracts Regulations 1999 unfair contract terms act 1977and at common law,Claimants Return of the amount debited $$$$$$ per s69 county courts Act 1984 Of 8%-$$$$$$$ Continuing At 8% untill judgement or settlement. at the daily 49p.Alternatively.If the charges are a fee for the serviceThen they must be resonable Under S.15 Of the supply of goods and services Act.1982.Cost allowed by the Court. Hope this ok?
  9. sorry caro? What poc ? Oh! Hope everythings ok? Wouldnt they have told me this a while ago if had been struck out.Sorry to be thick caro?Whats struck out mean?
  10. Yes i have the claim Form.But my next peice is different.It says the claimant has a account number Blah! Blah!. with the defendant opened the account in 1982 Blah!Then half way down it says how much was debited 8% continuing at 8% until judgement or settle at the daily rate of 49pHope this ok? getting scared now insase i have messed up.
  11. Caro i have found my n1 Claim form.Is this right?I have found a n150.Allocation questionaire But its the one the bank sent me.Havent got mine i bet i forgot to photo copy it.I did sent two to court they sent it on to the bank.And yes i only have benefits going into my account.
  12. Caro phoned court.The lady said the bank have wrote to them (court) To see if theres a stay on the case.The lady told the bank there hasnt been a stay on the case.So we will have to go to court.Unless they pay out.Who knows..I did write to the judge explaining my circumstances.And how they are taking my working taxs credits from me.And leaving me with no money.
  13. Caro?How do i tip your scales? Where do i find them Just remembered, I rang the courts last thursday.They had not heard anything from yorkshire bank.They got my bundle the ladys said thats all they have had.Nothing from them.(bank)
  14. Will do caro. When ntl fix my phone line this afternoon.Thanks caro for the help and support you have gave me the last 12mths.I really appreciate it.
  15. Well caro. 2 days to go for court and heard nothing at all. Keep waiting for the postman to bring me a letter or recorded delivery of some sort. But up to now nothing..Postmans just been still nothing.
  16. Thank you caro.I wont give up now.Only got till next week to see what happens at court.Thats if they turn up.
  17. Really? I phoned my court.They havent heard a thing either.The lady recons they may be trying to settle with me.Just have to wait and see.Wont i ? How long have you been trying to get your charges back? i have been trying for 12mths now.been a ball ache.Just hope its settled soon.getting p-----d off now.
  18. Hi georgie.No they havent put a stay on it.Its just incase they do.Not heard a thing from them.When i mentioned stay before.I ment last april the bank put a stay on,In which they were suppose to settle bye 7th may, They didnt do anything about it. Still havent.So its off to court 15th august.I wrote a letter to the judge in with the court bundle explaining How these charges have effected my life and how they have took a other £800 since christmas last yr.And i do agree in a fee for going overdrawn but i begrudge paying £20/£30 each time i go over.Dont know weather it will help my case just have to wait and see.Wonder if i will get a letter etc. before court date?
  19. I moved my morgage from B&B to yorkshire bank, This is how its set out. fees payable £347.50 (wrote in pen) here £200 establishment fee-) MGI payable £0.00 ( in pen again)£22.50 chaps transfere fees) Legal costs payable when billed £160.39 Can i claim any of these back?
  20. Caro.Should i send a N225 so they cant put a stay on the case? I have read it somewhere else.What someone elses is doing.How do i do it? thank you maggie
  21. I will have a look.The bundles held up because of a postal strike Thats what the lady said anyway.
  22. Hello caro.i posted off my court bundles.Just checked online with royalmail.Apparently the one for the legal services (Kirsty ross) is still in dispatch in oldham.I rang them and dont know when its going to be sent out.Thats B---dy great isnt it.My court case is 15 august.I dont know what to do?
  23. I dont want another stay.Had one earlier on in the year they didnt comply to that one. I have wrote a letter to the judge explaining how its effected our lives all these charges.and how i had to get a loan at one time to pay the charges off.So hopefully he should be a bit sympathetic.
  24. The court bundle is a nightmare i know.Making sure you have everything right.I hope i hear something before hand.I passed my test a couple of weeks ago so i am looking for a little motor.(with this cash) What will happen if i dont get my bundle from the bank its the last day tommmow? Will they lose the case? I am not to sure.
  25. Hi mandy.Posted my bundles off today.Cost me £15.for both.They should have them for dinner tommorrow.14 days to the court case. heard nothing from them.other people i know have had payments.Offers etc.Me nothing.Still no bundle from them either.I am glad its all over.Its been 12mths since is started my claim.stiil got no dosh from them.
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