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  1. When i am adding up all the charges do i add on the interest that they have added on?
  2. Just got all my statements back from bank.Back to 2000 Going to work now but will start adding up tonight.that didnt take long sent letter in on 15 august got them this morning. I wont know where to start.? Do i add charges on at the end?
  3. Hi been into the bank today.Gave the guy £10 Quid. my letter Data Protection Act.he went in the back for ten mins came out with a sheet he filled it in my name adress.Bank details.Etc.Filled a smal receipt for my £10. quid.Really i shoul have got a receipt.Silly me.Then he said these will be sent out. Should i go back for a receipt?
  4. Called into my yorkshire bank today.I gave the guy my Data Protection Act and a fee of £10 For my bank statements backdated to 6yrs ago .He went into the back of the bank for about 10 mins.He came out with some sheet filled it in with my name address bank details etc.Said to me .You should receive something in a few days.Now its the waiting game.Really i should have got a receipt.Like i was told from people on the forum.But i was to busy telling a lady behind me about claiming her bank charges back.I wrote out this website told her to claim them back.That i forgot to get a receipt.Should i go back in and see the guy whom spoke to me
  5. Has anyone got the address for custom and relations.Do i write to these before i get my statements. or when i have figure to ask for for a refund ?not to sure about this one.
  6. Received a letter this morning.Yorkshire bank have now decided to change the bank charges.From £30 to £12 for overdraft fees etc.I think its a bit to late for them now.Everybody wants there money back.But the handling fee has gone from £2.to £2.50.And when you do balance transfer its not £30 anymore its £2.It will be better for the future.But for now I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!
  7. My bank is on my way to work.Should i post it by hand or recorded delivery?
  8. Do i sent the letter DPA.Subject Access Request.Or just the DPA.or Both? Iam baffled. maggie
  9. Good for you julie. get it sorted.My god thats a lot of dosh.Good holiday there for you? Or even a car.
  10. Hi what it is.I have missed a payment on my loan only one thou.And cause i havent brought it up to date they keep charging me. £20 a letter.To now its £80.will i be able to claim it back?
  11. Cheers thank you very much your a darlin.I am going to ask my son to print it out tonight as my printers had it. Do i write all this out or just fill in where needed? name address bank details etc?I am determend to get every penny back.All the suffering they have put me threw.Do i go in to the bank while they work it out or do i work it out?Cause i wasnt to good at maths at school.
  12. Hi i have a had a look around on FQA.And i am not to sure what steps to take first.Do i ask for charges on all 6yrs statements or ask for the statements there self? Ijust dont want to mess up.Know what i mean? maggs
  13. How come it took so long?Theyre trying to dragg it out as long as they can.Have you manged to claim anything back from them?I do know since christmas last yr they owed me £500 maybe more.Cheeky b++++s arent they? And over the yrs god knows i am going to dig my heels in and demand it back.
  14. Good luck nicky.I am in the same position as you.Iam just waiting to get my bank statements going back 6yrs.From christmas last year to now they owe me £500 and more from previose yrs.Do let me know what they say so i can be prepared for it good luck keep me informed. maggie
  15. Called into my bank on friday.Had a word with one of the staff.Iasked how much is was for six yrs bank statements.He said £15.He asked me why and i told him. Because of the unfair bank charges.They kept charging me and i was going further into debt. He told me to call in with the money and he will sort them out for me.And he will have a look he said.I wonder if anyone else has been paid out from yorkshire bank? maggie
  16. What it is it all comes out of the same account. All my direct debits.Standing orders etc.
  17. Hi i am just wondering weather to ask yb for all my bank charges back.But i am worried they will close down my account.What it is. i have my morgage with them and a personal loan.Do you think they will close it down?Or will they lose out.Cause they now owe my £450 Bank charges.I did go into the bank and asked them to stop them cause i was getting more and more into debt.They said we cant This left me distraught.I left the bank in tears.Now they are charging me for late payments on my persoanl loan.
  18. Hi I am new to this site can anyone tell me where to start procceeding a claim for my money back from yorkshire bank.What i am worried about is interest what they have charged too. How can i work it out? I know it adds up to a few hundred.If i was to back a couple of yrs they would owe me quite a bit But i dont have the statements,Only from feb to now.And if it was to go to court.How much will it cost?Any help will be appricieated.At this moment in time i could do with money as its there fault i got into the mess in the first place Banging charges on all the time.
  19. Hi i wondered if i claim all my bank charges back?Since feb/may i have been charged almost £4oo This is for been overdrawn.etc.I did go into my bank asked them to stop the charges,They said thet cant.I burst into tears saying this is making things worse i will never get straight if they keep charging me.I even stopped some of my direct debits.So i wouldnt go over drawn.But they kept on banging the charges on even tho some were only £10.charging me £30.Is there anything i can do?I must say this is a fantastic site.I have even told friends at work about it. maggs Please tel me the first steps to claim it back.
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