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  1. Hi.I am in court this afternoon For a unpaid overdraft.Was £1000.The bank manager at the yorkshire closed my account down as she new i was having money problems..I am frightened of whats ging to happen.Theres only my husband working and we are struggling like hell to make ends meet.I dont really have any money left at the end of the week.So i dont no how i am going to pay the debt off..Can anyone give me some advice please? A lot off this money was bank charges..Thats why its so high..

  2. Hi yes the £10.off the £400.And there was no one there to advise me.The young lady from the yorkshire bank was fantastic.She asked me how much i would offer them to clear the arreas.She was brilliant.We where in the court for 5 mins.There were other people there too in the same position as me.

  3. Went to court.I have to pay a extra £10.It was nothing like i expected,The judge was a very nice.I can now sleep at nite knowing its a all sorted it, For other people going to court? Its not as bad as you think.

  4. Hi yes i can afford the payments.Its just the last `14mths have been hell for me.Lost 4 of my family including my dad.Sister.Couldnt handle it so i turned to the bottle.Which i am proud to say i am tee total now :) I am getting myself sorted out.Because you wont solve your problems at the bottom of a bottle.I will take a ll my paper work thanks.I am just frightend Incase he takes my home off me.

  5. I am going court tommorrow for my what was my morgage arrears,Which was £2.400.In which i paid.Then I owe a personal loan of £400.Whcih i owe.Because i got behind.But i cant beleive i still have to go to court I paid the morgage i owed. But they say i still have to go Because of this £400. I still owe.I thought they have let me pay the loan as usuall then something on top.I am hoping for the phone call to say i dont have to go.She did say can you get the £400.I said i borrowed the £2400.I cant borrow any more.I am frightened incase the still reposses my home for £400.Can they do this?

  6. Hi there, so I take it the mortgage is only in your name? The first thing you need to do is complete a budget sheet so we can get an idea of exactly how your finances are. I have affixed one to this post - it calculates automatically as you fill it in. It's obvious you can't pay an extra £50 per week towards the arrears and given your income the court will not expect you to pay that. Let me know when you have done the budget sheet and then we'll see what can be done.

    Hi i will fill this later today. thank you very much xxxxxxxxxx

  7. its £50 per week.I had a 3 deaths in the family and i turned to drink.It all got out of hand.I couldnt handle it anymore..I am crying my eyes out typing this I dont no what to do.They BANK WANTED £100 a week of me.I couldnt do it.I made a few payment but fell back onto the alcahol again.Its just got out of hand.I told them i couldnt afford this but they insisted i payed it.I even unpluged my phone because they rang and rang.They didnt want to no.Now i ma at my witts end.I owe in total my morgage is £20 grand.Its only this last 12 mths i have got behind.Never misses a payment till then,The worst of it is my husband doesnt no.He would leave me if i told him.

  8. I have a court case on the 27 july.Regarding morgage arrears I am petrified,incase they take my house from me.I owe about £2000.I did have a arrangement with yorkshire bank.But couldnt keep to it.They wanted £100 every week.I only had £200 comming in.By the the time i bought food payed my gas electric Had nothing hardly left.Plus i Have been with them 10 years it only this last year i have had trouble paying them.I lst my job which was full time.Now i only work 7hours a week.Cant find work anywere.And i have to get a light job because of my back.Has anyone any idea what will happen? Its the fist time i have had to go to court.And i feel like i am going to have a nervers brackdown i am that frightened. :( Anybody help me please? I amin debt with other things to like coucil tax,Water rates tv licence.And others too.Please help????

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