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  1. Just wondered if i can claim morgage Assurance? I thought this was a Insurance.Which it is not.I was told to take this out when i took my morgage out,
  2. the letter saysWhen the judge will decide weather the charge created by this order should continue(with or without modification) or should be discharged...
  3. Hi am sorry i dont no what that means.
  4. Hi.I am in court this afternoon For a unpaid overdraft.Was £1000.The bank manager at the yorkshire closed my account down as she new i was having money problems..I am frightened of whats ging to happen.Theres only my husband working and we are struggling like hell to make ends meet.I dont really have any money left at the end of the week.So i dont no how i am going to pay the debt off..Can anyone give me some advice please? A lot off this money was bank charges..Thats why its so high..
  5. Hi yes the £10.off the £400.And there was no one there to advise me.The young lady from the yorkshire bank was fantastic.She asked me how much i would offer them to clear the arreas.She was brilliant.We where in the court for 5 mins.There were other people there too in the same position as me.
  6. Went to court.I have to pay a extra £10.It was nothing like i expected,The judge was a very nice.I can now sleep at nite knowing its a all sorted it, For other people going to court? Its not as bad as you think.
  7. Hi yes i can afford the payments.Its just the last `14mths have been hell for me.Lost 4 of my family including my dad.Sister.Couldnt handle it so i turned to the bottle.Which i am proud to say i am tee total now I am getting myself sorted out.Because you wont solve your problems at the bottom of a bottle.I will take a ll my paper work thanks.I am just frightend Incase he takes my home off me.
  8. I was ten mins late so they would not see me,So it left me in a right mess.
  9. No i have not sent it off,I had a oppiontment at shelter last week they were soppose to sort all the letters and out but
  10. We took the home inprovements loan out to get new windows and doors
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