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  1. Hey........ Yes I noticed this last week when I was having a nosey and yeah thats good news however could u give me any pointers on how to lodge a complaint against them etc.....I wouldnt know where and how to begin....There conduct is a disgrace but am not sure if I should just leave it as it is and not rock the boat ........ Does this type of thing against 1st Credit really stand for anything????????????? As Im really now dealing solely with Yuill & Kyle and not having much to do with them anymore? :-|
  2. To be honest am unawares...the loan was initally taken out 1998....I was made redundant after that sooooo thats were my argument with the Statue barred came in but they sent me a printed copy of transactions showing my last payment 2003/2004????? I couldnt remember and when I asked them for prro of how this payment was made they wouldnt send me then I recved court papers etc etc etc .....the rest is history so mibi I should just button up and shut up and pay these instalements....I think tho from my solicitor etc I have had bad advice.......Its panic in me more than anything and I dont think I
  3. I thank you both for your quick replys.....Im feeling better already reading ur replies.......I do apologise soundingly like a headcase I just feel lost with the whole situation as I have had no expreince of this kind of thing and when I feel I have it sorted something else comes along and throws it up in the air again I was considering sending a SAR but i think its to late for me now and I should just keep up the payments till the end of end......Thanks tho I sorely appreciate all ur help......... Btw...Im still paying Yuill and Kyle my monthly instalments and not directly to 1st c
  4. No I cant get legal aid am just missing out on that aswell ....Im paying it back now £150 per month to Y&K.....Needs be and that Im jsut a bit perplexed now with regards to this Schedule of Inhibition.......Wat does this mean for me...That eventually they will get my home???....Its never ending and my nerves are shatterd.......I wish i didnt own my property I was thinkin of getting it put it in my dads name but unsure if I can do this now after getting this decreee thingy from the sheriff........I hope someone can explain in full cos I cant afford anymroe solicitiors fees.........Im like
  5. HI Sorry should have said....With them givng me this inhibiton does that mean they can still ask for the sale of my house???.....I havent defaulted on any payments but Im worried that they might pull this out the bag next.....wat im asking if someone can explain wat schedule of inhibition means in full for me cos Im in a bought house with mortgage???... This whole sorry mess is never ending I would be most grateful if someone could reply fairly quick for me........Id appreciate very much
  6. Yes Rory was helping me and he was most helpful..........Its all sorted now really its just this new thing regarding the inhibtion thingy thats thrown me and I feel as if im badly misjudged.......Now that they have the decreee and this thing against my property Im not sure if thats it final and I cannot go back........I argued the pioint with them before it got to court but was never given proof of such that I made any payments .......They wouldnt give me it.........so they accepted my offer of monthly instalments and then all the charges I have hd to pay ie solicitors fees and then there fee
  7. Hello... Long time no speak and all that jazz...........Well update, Im still currently payin Yuill and Kyle £150 per month with regards to above long winded debt with 1st credit.......ANYWAY everything with that is fine however came home last nite to a Schedule of Inhibition from a Stirling Park Revenue Managemnt Company who delivered it personally .....How special..Anywayz am I right in thinkin that the warrant has been granted and therefore I cannot sell my property without paying the debt of first?...It basically says that but the words "warrant" and Sheriff etc fear me.........Als
  8. Hey Well its not the nicest of places and I dont wanna be going back in a hurry saying that anythings possible, Well It wasnt was I expected it to be It was the Auditor of Court I had to go to and that was just myself and the auditor and he was just talking said its very unusual for the defender to attened he was checking there charges and said it was all fine bar £20 which he will ammend........am not sure yet if Yuill and Kyle will ask me to pay this amount upfront .....However there is NO way I can as Im already paying them £150 per month for the aggrement........have to just wait and
  9. Hi I have court which Iam attending Wednesday regarding the Pursers Expenses can anyone give me any hinters of what to expect as I have never been in this situation before and am going myself as I cannot afford anymore solictitors fees......Any pointers would be most helpful or tips to adivse what will be excpected asked of me and if I should take anIncome and expenditure form with me. Thanks
  10. Thank you Rory for ur valuable advise...It looks like Im going to court myself as there is no way I can afford more lawyers fees....out of curiosity do u no what will be expected of me there and if I will have to speak.......I have never been involved in anything like this before and Im trying to gian the nerve to handle it okies......
  11. Out of curiosity do think that the Court could instruct that I pay £1,147.00 straight away of do u think they will give me time to pay and it will be including in my monthly instalment - reason being spoke with solicitor justthere who advised that they may no add this expense to my overall balance?
  12. btw solicitor has advised I go to court on 19th
  13. I do apologise for ranting last night I was just petrified that this was starting all over again Anyway I spoke with wonders of Yuill and Kyle with regards to this and she said altho VERY vague that I should attend the hearing as they are wanting there expenses etc etc..........Im really not sure if I should attend this or not.........any thoughts????? I feel very iliterate to be honest with you as I have no idea at all how to deal with these types of people or the situation in a whole........I understand Rory know what u where meanin I just took it that I would have to pay the £1,147.00
  14. Yes Im sure Ross harper did...I have sentme solicitor an email with regards to this, this evening Im sorry for babbling its just I thought that I had this sorted and now its all up again.......I feeel like throwing myself off abridge to be quite honest with you......Thank you very much for ur advice.
  15. Yes my solicitor replied and came to an agreeemnet with Yuill and Kyle and 1st Credit to make these monthly payments, I then got a decree from court advising that if I default then they will takefurther action.......this letter states that its Yuill and Kyles expenses that they have billed me for and that Yuill and Kyle are claiming them back to which a court hearing has been made?
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