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  1. thankyou so much for all your advice im so gratful as ive been so stressed out as i thought they would continue to increase the ammount .i can understand how people find them self in debt when they do this its so unfair .when i rang they said put it in writting and didnt discuss.thankyou all for taking the time to reply.x
  2. i recentlydue to the stress of my daughter taking overdose,then mum being hit by a hit and run driver simply didnt check to make sure enough money in bank to cover dd of council tax.i wrote to them when they wrote to say they had cancled dd to explain and asked them to reinstate dd and asked to pay outstanding 200 in installments on top of regular payment till cleared .they wrote stating the would reinstate dd but wanted 200 in full.i cant give them what i havent got so wrote back asking if they could pls arrange a monthly payment as i simply had not got 200 to pay in full.i then got a court summons with 70 added on top of 200 and i dont know what to do if couldnt pay 22 how do they expect me to [pay 270.im willing to pay at a rate i can afford and it would be struggle but my debt but what can i do pls help im so worried:confused: i should add i got this two weeks ago only my mum took fall fractured vertobra and in hospital so im stressed to max and need help as what to do reply expected before 3 march of them
  3. is it true that they must in interview allow you to see a document they refere to i was refused
  4. i wish i could be dead stronge but i quess i worry .so this threat of intended litigagation i should just ignore or say take me to court
  5. hiya could you hve a look at update and advice
  6. hi coul you have quick look at new posts worried
  7. hi could you have quick look at posts forme give advice
  8. moorcroft as i said disputed sent proof of returns and all to senior member got a notice of intent letigation today god what do i do seems hopless .i cant even ring just had tonsilectomy cant speak in pain want to cry help
  9. hi did what you said asked for proof of credit agreement of capquest and complained to moorcroft about harrassment but it contuied to get so nasty so complained again giving names and a senior staff member wrote to me i explained in writting that i had sent proof of returns to kays and disputed the debt said there was no credit agreement to best of my knowleadge sent them proof of return also this is moorcroft .i got a letter saying they took the harrasment very seriously and had made this member of staff do retraining for harrassing me after i wrote to ask it to stop and had contacted kays with my vdisput as soon as they knew they would contact me regarding capquest i sent postal order ect got a letter saying here are documents no credit agreement just a list of dates and goods bought.
  10. whats that then the beer garden how do i go there then daarab.totally blonde on internet
  11. hiya just got kids up .i know what you mean about feeling better when visit here.im just about to go find your posts to read got coffee.lolthey rang today and my 9 yr old answered started asking her who owned the tv,or if they we owned dvd players or if she had tv in bedroom .i heard her chatting as was upstairs came down as she put phone down .i wanted to scream how bad can they get they cant do that but number withheld. ill go and read and get back to you .jen x
  12. hiya everyone just to say im still smiling ive now sent my leter requesting credit agreement recorded del with postal order inside.have i forgot anything ?thought id go blue text today for a change brighten it up .i will keep all of you posted ,still getting calls from nasty capquestwho are allergic to listening clearly i just dont confirm who i am and they hang up after they say a few nasty comments to me.the only thing about resolving this matter is i will miss all you nice people and your humouras its so nice to know you all care about others your stars thankyou:D
  13. hiya daarab yes im ok ive prepared the document =asking for copy of credit agreement and the letter asking for calls to stop.they are still ringing but i just put phone down .im amazed how kind and helpful every one has been.im going to post tomorrow .:D:o still smiling and yawning but ill be back tomorrow
  14. :Dthankyou for that lovley reply i will
  15. hiya just to say thanks for this post i found it most useful and template too.i shall keep you update on progress.
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