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  1. what ever you do dont let them in. make the payment via debt or credit card do not give cash and the phone the office to make payment. i'm having the same problem at the moment when he calls tomorrow the next fee will be £18.00. dont let him in otherwise he will gain a walking postion cant help much more than that. good luck.:o
  2. hi guys, one more thing, what is levy? what does it mean? can they add on levy on a second letter (hand delivered through the door)and include the costs. they did not enter my property and i have not signed anything. the coucil cant even answer that for me. thanks guys.
  3. it would certainaly make things easier for all i got strained eye syndome trying to find them. thanks for linking them michael and i will send them by reg mail tomtubby
  4. while noising through here the other day i saw a letter that a moderator wrote that you can copy/download, to ask/complain about the charges that the bailiffs add on top of the origanial bill, now i cant find it has anyone else come accross it if so can you pleasssssse link it to this thread i would realllllllly appriaciate it. many thanks
  5. hi nicklea thanks for that, so really i dont have a leg to stand, damn, i said legal stuff goes over my head. so which way do i go now..... pay the total amount...admit that i owe all the amount and ask time to pay or dipute it... but after reading above link i got no leg to stand on with a dispute. and i suppose that it dont matter that my name was spelt wrong does it?
  6. i have attatched the relivent docs. while doing so after re-reading them for the hundredth time i have also noticed that my name is spelt wrong on the contract aswell they have added an E to the end of my first name, i can confirm that the i.d i used does not have an E in my name, but i signed the contract. how do i stand on that one. also on the particulars of the claim the agreement no was re-numbered should i have had a copy of that when it was done, all paper work that i have, have the first agreement no not the re-numbered one. what does re-numbered mean? any help with this wo
  7. hi ya does anyone have any sugesstion for me, i'm absolutly rubbish at writing proper letter,
  8. 22 may but it does say that if the claim form was sent by post the date of sevice is taken as the second after posting. i still have time dont i? thanks for taking an intrest.
  9. i dont think i made my self clear the response pack came from the court and its bank of scotland that is taking me to court. should i attatch the contract and court documents?
  10. i got a response pack sent to me on the dated 28 may (postmark). from the bank of scotland. i hire puchased a caravan and came in financail difficulties oct/nov last year and phoned up capital bank (which is bank of scotland group company) to expain that and asked if they could defer the payments or put them on hold for 3 mths, they said no and if you dont make payments you are in breach of contract so i sent a letter back volenteering to hand the goods back (i cant find the copy i made now tho). i did not get a response until dec saying that we have defaulted and are now liable for the whole
  11. i recieved a letter from the bailiffs with 'notice of intention of seizure' for the sum of council tax £603.00 court costs £inc fees £24.50 total £627.50 silly me did not respond and a hand delivered letter arrived on 16 may saying that the balance in full is required of £779.08. i phoned them straight away and paid £100.00 over the phone with me card. and asked about the difference in money due, he said that he will let me know when i make another payment in 2wks. i arranged to make £100 payments every 2 weeks. i phoned a week later to say that my chqe
  12. hello to all. looked on the internet for advice regarding bailiffs charges with ref to council tax., and your very helpful informative site came up, well i've been reading lots of threads and its helped loads, so many thanks to all that have posted threads. i do still have one issue tho, unpaid parking ticket went to court and the bill was for £108.16 on the first letter, they then visited my house yesterday and left another letter with my husband outside the front door for the amount of £289.98, what do we do and how do we do we sort it out, any advice would be great. thanks. :-?
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