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  1. Thanks Rory and Brassed Off! And er...yes... the last gentleman I spoke with (the one who said that financial institutions don't fall under the harassment laws etc. etc.) was indeed a Scotsman. How did you guess? The other people I have spoken with on the telephone have been either well-spoken, brusque English ladies or angry foreign gentlemen lacking in much understanding of English. Hmmm... I have no intention of entering into further telephone dialog with them at all. The only reason I have even been answering my phone lately is because the online Royal Mail tracing thingy says CQ have
  2. Hello again - I will also report them to OFCOM. Thanks so much for this letter - actually this was the letter I sent to them. Earlier on, when I originally came to the forum it was suggested that in view of the fact my harassment by them had been so severe (to the point where I went to my GP who prescribed me anti-anxiety medications as it had affected me so much - calls MANY times of the day and evening and at weekends for a very long time) I sent this letter rather than the other harassment letter. I am guessing they haven't passed this to their Telephone Harassing Department yet.
  3. Oh yes - and just to add - it also now seems rather pointless in changing my phone number as I am guessing they would just use their tracing service, find the new number and the whole process begin all over again. *sighs*
  4. Goodness. It hardly seems worthwhile to have an ex-directory number if one can be located anyway. And yes, the harassment letter went off and they have received that and the CCA letter (I sent them in the same envelope) according to the Royal Mail Tracking Service, though haven't done anything about either yet...
  5. Hello there - So sorry these people are harassing you. They have been harassing me for several months now, so I understand how awful it can make a person feel. Just a thought - if the letter is addressed to your son and your son does not live with you, could you not just send a covering note, returning their correspondence (make copies of all of it though) saying, "Opened in error , not known at this address"? Alternatively, if the letters are addressed to you, I can't believe they have any right to be chasing you for someone else's debt, and would send the letter as suggested by O
  6. I can give it a go Will compose a letter I can send to him and the Trading Standards people over the weekend. But I think now is also the time to contact BT and change my phone number. Another quick question - how would Capquest have got my phone number in the first place when it is ex directory and I have never given it to them? (Not only that but up until quite recently it was not even in my name, but in the name of my ex-partner whose name isn't even similar to mine). I did, on one occasion attempt to ask one of the Capquest people and they said they "had ways" of doing these things, which
  7. Hello again. Thanks Babybear! I thought it sounded a little "dodgy" and will do just as you have suggested. I think it will be very interesting to see how they (Capquest) respond to my letter regarding harassment (assuming they do respond...) and I will, of course, keep you updated. Since writing the previous post, I decided to seek information from the local police and called them. Spoke to a very sweet man, who was sympathetic, but told me this was actually a "grey area" we were dealing with and that he himself had been subjected to similar nonsense after his son went off backpacking, leavin
  8. Hello again everyone, and thanks for your help so far. Well, just an update on the Capquest saga for you... No response in writing from them re the CCA or calls yet... BUT, having had no more calls for a couple of days I assumed that perhaps they had noted the comments in my letter regarding harassment. Not a chance! I received a call last night, answered it, not assuming it would be them, but it was! Not being quite as brave as Jogs, I did however try the "in writing only" tactic. A particularly unpleasant man informed me that this was not necessary, so I reminded him of my recent l
  9. Hello again - After a day or so's respite from Capquest's telephone calls, they have started again. First call this morning at 8.25 continuing on until 1.45 when I switched the ringer off the phone. Since then I have been left one voicemail. Total calls today: eight. I think it may be time for me to consider changing my number because this is just ridiculous. As my friend said, who answered one of their calls he other day, considering I am disabled, people are going to get concerned if I don't answer the phone, as I have pretty much a routine here and people who know me are aware of
  10. Hello again. And thank you all again for the wonderful and helpful responses. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me as you have. Not only has my mind been put at rest, but I now have very practical, lawful steps to follow which I would have had absolutely no idea about had you not helped out. Well, the letters have gone out to Capquest today, and, as yet, no more phonecalls, which is such a relief. I am feeling much less stressed about the whole situation, though extremely angry that a debt collection agency are prepared to omit several salient facts on a letter, which has be
  11. Thank you so much for that further info. I feel a good deal less panicked now. Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is a CCJ? Is this something that comes directly from the court that asks for money or asks you to attend a hearing? Sorry for not knowing all the terms, but I haven't ever been involved in anything like this before and it's all new to me. Also, a further question if that's OK... I will get those letters off as suggested , but it's pretty likely that they won't reach Capquest by their cut-off date. Although I only received the letter today (dated 30th of last month) t
  12. First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has responded and taken the time to welcome me here and help me - and so quickly. I am so, so grateful to you all and am so glad I found this place. To respond to PGH7447's questions: I haven't paid a penny to Capquest or acknowledged any debt to them in writing or by any other means. I did acknowledge the debt to the other company and was making payments to them. I also paid quite a bit to the original creditor before my circumstances changed. I have probably paid at least half of this debt but the amount on the letter from Capquest d
  13. Hello everyone - I found this forum by googling Capquest and would be extremely grateful for any help or advice you may be able to give me. This is a long one, so please bear with me, but I am putting all the details down so you know what you're dealing with when and if you are good enough to respond. In 2001 I purchased goods from a furniture company in the sum of approximately £2500. A payment plan was set up via a company called Clydesdale Financial. I began to make payments via a standing order directly through my bank, but due to extreme ill health was unable to continue t
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