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  1. Hi Can anyone point me in the right direction.....are there any letter templates with regard to writing to th4ese companies and asking for defaults to be removed, I dont know how to start? Thanks Doo
  2. Hi All Received a letter in reply to my request for PPI claim, from GE Money - they stated that I concented to the PPi insurance being added, which I cannot recall, but as a gesture of goodwill, they are prepared to refund the full premium, plus interest, plus a loss of payment amount - comes to almost £300.00 - they say that they will credit my account. Does anyone know, when they say 'credit my account' - do they mean deduct this amount from the balance, or MY On bank account?? if they mean that this will be deducted from the balance on this credit account - can I ask for this to go into my bank account or not?? Any advice appreciated. Thanks Doo
  3. Thank you AA I really appreciate everyone's help, its good to know that we have a site where people are relaly helpful with the situations we find ourselves in etc. Thanks again ;-) Debs
  4. Thank you Sparkle....much appreciated. I will let you know how I get on. Cheers Debs
  5. Hi all I would like some advice please - I have a loan with LTSB, and have been reading about the PPI mis-sold articles etc, but not sure what I need to do - my monthly loan payment is £457.48p, and I have rang them today about the PPI (which I took out at the time) - but not sure if they would have allowed me the loan if I had refused the PPI (as I like to be protected, just in case) - and the PPI is included in the loan repayments and it is £103.73p. Can I cancel the PPI on this and purchase it elsewhere?? and can a reclaim the previous PPI from the start of the loan?? My monthly payments without the PPI would then only be £352.75. What do I need to do? Thanks Deb
  6. Thats great thanks again ...... cant seem to catch up, its all the charges that keep taking me overdrawn...when will it ever end. Your help is much appreciated. Doo
  7. Hi again Just one more question I have thought about - if I have put my claim in already to LSTB and stated the amount I want them to pay me back - what happens if I get more charges at a later date - can I still go back and add these on?? Thanks Doo
  8. Hi SSL Thanks for your repsonse - what would my next letter have to say then - as they have told me that I have to wait until they know what the outcome is - I advised them of the total of charges I want back in my first letter etc....just wondered if I persue them further now, or have to wait for this OFT decision?? Cheers Doo
  9. New to this site as a poster, but have been reading all comments for some time about the bank charges, and have taken note of your comments, and proceeded with my first letter to LSTB asking for these charges back. I have just received a reply, and they have advised that they are awaiting a decision from OFT with regard to whether these are deemed unfair or not, and have advised me that they will keep me informed, but don't know how long this will take......what do I do next....wait or reply further??? Can anyone advise me please. Thanks Doo
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