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  1. Where I was coming from as regard that list, is that it really irritates DCAs if you've copied in all of their staff members (and a fair number of OC email addresses as well), as opposed to just one email address. Plus, it pretty much guarantees a quicker response if they're getting 300 emails (across different employees) as opposed to just one - if it incurs wasted cost and time to the DCA or OC, then that's their problem.
  2. Do you know if it was ever used? Besides, in any case it's already been published external of this site now.
  3. I sent a previous copy to site admins - I don't recall ever publishing it on site. And if someone has, could I ask the reason why it did get removed?
  4. Well, I have a complete list of Lowell's email address contacts, and also a fair number of Three Mobile's lackeys too - happy to send this by PM if you need it.
  5. Be funny if they actually start setting interviews because of some joke applications. I'd hate to think that there were some wind-up CVs somewhere online that could be used purely for time-wasting purposes.
  6. Remember, absolutely no pranky multiple emails - they hate that. Especially when you can click 'back' after getting the 'Thank you for your submission' message.
  7. https://www.drydensfairfax.com/careers-vacancy.asp No prank CVs or applications, please.
  8. Sort the spacing out in the email addresses otherwise they'll come back as delivery failures. I've also got a lot more email addresses for Lowells - emailing all of them should get a quick responses. I've also got about 200 individual email addresses for Three as well. And about 60 for Drydens - I'll forward all of them on to whoever might need them. I'd really hate for all three companies to get their inboxes filled up. I'd also advise setting up a free hotmail account that you can afford to drop at any time.
  9. Well over six years, then it's well and truly statute barred. So, I'd be inclined to report Lowell to the FCA on that basis alone. That was one of the main reasons why Mackenzie Hall were warned (by the then-OFT) in 2009, with the then-owner now doing porridge.
  10. I'd concur with what you've already been advised by other forum members up to now. What I've mentioned isn't really for the witness statement as such - it's more what you're likely to find once you get the evidence pack from the other side. That is, assuming it's not discontinued before then - and other threads going back a long time should tell you that Carter has a habit of discontinuing. Going by what you've said, at least Carter filed it under correct legislation at the initial stage - which is about the only credit you'll ever hear me giving Carter. Unlike Drydens, who'd have likely filed the initial claim under CCA before changing it to LoP 1925 at the last minute and after the 14 day deadline, while the judge completely overlooked it (despite this being pointed out to her both before and during the hearing). It all really depends on the judge you get on the day - I've had plenty of time to mull over the one I had, and she couldn't have been more apathetical if she tried. In fact, I happen to think she was struggling to read salient documents - if it gets to hearing, then it might be worth taking a highlighter to ensure any key points are clearly visible.
  11. The amount that comprises Early Termination Fees they won't get - Section 11 of Three Mobile's Terms and Conditions should see to that. And don't be surprised if the last page of the T&Cs within the evidence pack is missing. That's because being Three Mobile/Lowell, they'll very likely download current terms and conditions, and then try to ascribe those to when the contract was taken out (they tried that in my own case). And that's why the last page will be missing, because it'll have the date of that document on it. And you're absolutely sure you never got a Notice of Assignment? If that's the case, then that could work in your favour.
  12. Excellent. LTSB and Lowell are two of my least favourite companies. Shame this doesn't happen every time.
  13. So long as the conditions/repayment schedule as set by the court's been adhered to, then I couldn't see how the OP could be in trouble.
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