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  1. I've just looked and it dose show a default end date. Thank you for all your help. It makes sense now that the default will come off in 2016 as it was sieved in 2010.
  2. Credit security doesn't show anywhere only Lloyds but the balance is very clearly showing as going down.
  3. I've been with Halifax years and not had a problem with them. I knew they ware part of the same group but since Lloyds aren't chasing me for the debt it's been fine. I'm registered with check my file and they show it as every month it's defaulted? I don't really understand how these things work just thought it should show an agreement since I am paying.
  4. Hi sorry if this has been talked about before but I can't see much on my phone. Years ago Lloyd's tsb gave me a huge overdraft while I was a single parent on benefits and been silly I blew the lot. I ended up not been able to afford the fees so switched to Halifax to avoid them. They passed it on to a collection agency called credit security who I've had an agreement and been paying it back to years. I've just been checking my credit file out and found that they are defaulting me every month even tho I'm paying and have an agreement. Is this normal? Other old accounts show I
  5. Hello, I posted a while ago for a friend about an accusation that had been made that ate was living with a partner for 5 years and claiming benefits while he worked. The dwp decided she had been overpaid and canceled all the 5 years worth of benefits totalling a very lot of money. She was then taken to court where her solicitor advised her to make a deal with the dwp and pleed guilty to that amount of time. She did this even tho is was not true as she was put under pressure by her solicitor and threatened with crow court. She has since been to a tribunral where she won the appeal so now
  6. Thank you very much for your help you have been a great help
  7. Thanks for that info I will pass it on. As she has already been to court she will not be taken to court again will she.
  8. Hiya the letter is from DWP. It says it's a copy of the appeal papers and a copy has been sent to the tribunals service who will get in touch with her to explain what happens next.
  9. Oh I see, Thanks for that information. It's gets me so mad tho that they can lump someone with a huge debt based purely on probability. I know she was not living with a partner for the time they are saying tho so I suppose that's why it angers me so much I just wounder how many other people they do this to and get it totally wrong. Have you any idea how these tribunal things work. Will she be able to call whiteness and provide documents and letters proving her side. Are they also based on probability or proper facts ??
  10. Hiya I have asked a few questions for my friend before who has been prosecuted for benefit fraud. The DWP had originally made a decision that she had been lining with a partner from July 05 to July 09. The council took her to court where even the defence said they didn't have enough evidence to get a conviction for the 4 year so they came to an agreement of 7 months and she pleaded guilty to this and received her punishment. When the origonal decision came through she appealed it straight away but never heard a thing. Today she has received papers for a tribunal hearing saying they re l
  11. hi blitz thanks for your help, she bought it on the 21st of December 2009 so it's over 3 months. Argos no longer sell the pram so I have no idea where the £99.99 amount came from. Maybe it was on sale at that price before they stopped selling it. She is only a young lass and tbh after talking to her I feel they took advantage of her as she had no idea what to do. When she went down with the bank statement the person at customer services went in the back to talk to someone and then came back and said she could not have the rest of the money as she had already bought the single buggy and bab
  12. Hiya thanks for that but she has just informed me what actually happened and why they would only giver her £99.99. She was in town on her own with her two children when her wheel fell off, with no way of getting home she went into Argos as she originally bought it from there. The sale assistant told her she could only have the £99.99 as she didn't have her bank statement at the time. She tried to explain that she could not get home with her 2 young children to get it so they told her she either takes the £99.99 and buys a single buggy and a baby carrier to get home or it was tough. She too
  13. Hiya my friend bought a double pram from Argos for £229.99, One of the wheels has fallen of so she has taken it back to be told they can't fix or replace it and will only give her £99.99 as a refund. She dose not have the receipt but has her bank statement showing when she bought the pram and how much for. Has any body got any advice I can pass on as she can't afford to put the rest of the money to for a new one and now has no pram for her babies.
  14. Hello there, I have a contract with 3 which I have had about 6 months. I am having really bad financial difficulties and I'm really struggling to pay the £36 a month bill. A friend has told me that if I phone them and explain this they will offer me a sim only deal for the rest of my contract at £15 per month. I could really use a saving like that so has any one had any experience with this sort of thing. I have also been a 3 customer for 2 years this is not my first contract.
  15. Hi a friend of mine is in the middle of a benefit fraud court case. She has already been told she has to pay x amount of money back but when we work it out this is every penny she has claimed during the period she is accused of fraud. Do they take into account any other benefits she would have been able to claim like child tax credit or do the just ask for the whole lot back.
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