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  1. Interesting...... I've had a PPI claim against Welcome - passed to FOS in August 2008. Just today had a call from FOS going over the details to get the ball rolling.... hmmmm
  2. Sent to Gordon: Although not entirely shocked by the result I find it astonishing that it has taken over 2 years for the most senior legal minds in the UK to come to this conclusion. This matter has been festering for to long and the government, and opposition parties have simply allowed it. Now to close the case on a technical argument, overturning 2 previous rulings, makes it impossible to have any faith in the law, law makers, government and financial institutions. I for one will be moving, as far as possible, back to a cash economy - I will not have my money used by crooks who feel it acceptable to steal £39 in exchange for a non-service. Also, along with many of the other 12 million who have been kicked in the teeth by this travesty, I find it impossible to even consider voting for a government who allows its employers (yes, that's us) to be regularly robbed and abused by the banks we have so kindly bailed out of trouble. Have a nice day.
  3. Well, here it is. (Full ruling attached) I for one will be closing my Halifax account and going to a credit union. The Supreme Court may feel the need to protect the banks from justice, I don't. My bad - looks like wrong one was posted on SC site.....
  4. That's naughty - they have to inform you prior to robbing you. I get a "letter" in my online banking telling me they will steal from me in x days, usually 21 I think. The letter is always within 2 days of whatever trivial thing they consider worthy of a £35 slap on the ass.
  5. A bit of off the wall reporting on the case here: Please feel free to tear into the comments posted... (edit)
  6. From Credit Today: Credit Today online Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. T2
  7. Assuming their Lordships agree with the OFT.... But the banks will still need to weigh up what, if any, benefit there will be in fighting on. Given their mathematical abilities I think they will see a benefit in paying councel 10's of millions to delay rather than returning 10's of billions to customers.
  8. Hmm, "a government source" on BBC Breakfast suggests 2015 before we get a conclusion.
  9. I have "lent" £3,700 to Halifax, now I want it back - plus interest
  10. Yes, the product looks good - provided you are an existing Santander mortgage holder. Obviously, it would be nice to see this type of product without the strings attached, but where is the incentive for the banks to do that? From a market point of view, I hope Santander do well with it - the more people who switch away from the charging banks the more they will need to adjust to compete.
  11. Of course - take a note of all points here, unfortunately a lot of police officers have minimal knowledge of the laws surrounding debt collection and/or bailiffs however they should, at least, ask him for ID and a warrant/court order regarding the alledged debt.
  12. That is astonishing - especially the "CaseBook" section where they name people. I wonder if we should invite their victims to join CAG?
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