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  1. Thank you pelham9, I was just despairing to get any more advice on this from the forum, so you've made my day ! What a day though! just received a letter this morning from Nelson Guest & Partners Solicitors, instructed by Wescot to start legal actions if I don't pay within 10 days of their letter (dated from 6 August - but only received on 11 August... how convenient!) Meanwhile, my accounts manager at British Gas has asked me by email to confirm whether this was for a business or residential electricity account... I replied to his email last Wednesday, enclosing copies of letter
  2. Still no news from British Gas, have now emailed their complaints department... But... just received FINAL NOTICE from Wescot saying that if i don't pay, "a Claim Form/Summons may be lodged with Hull County Court or the Llocal Sheriff Court for residents in Scotland" ??? what is that? I'm not in Scotland and this is a business account??? So been searching other threads in this forum for a clue and now wondering if it is possible to issue Westcot with a CCA letter, despite the fact that this is not about credit but simply a gas bill... Would that help, or just be laughed at?
  3. Help, everyone! The saga continues...Westcot not impressed by my letter, only managed to delay them a bit but just received yet another letter from them saying: "Thank you for your recent enquiry re the outstanding balance and its liability. Having contacted our client, they have advised the account has been billed throughout in your name, therefore, you remain liable for the outstanding balance. It is our clients policy not to become involved in third party disputes, any tenancy agreement or arrangements made between you and another party is a matter you must resolve. In view of th
  4. Thank you ozzywizard, VERY useful info there! Also the link to energy ombudsmen is definitely worth a read, if only to show that things recently seem to be changing a bit in the right direction
  5. Ok thanks boyboynova, they have been calling me non stop since last time so I have just sent a copy of your letter today, adding my bit in about the fact that "I have included sufficient evidence in my previous letter to you to demonstrate that I am not liable for this debt to British Gas as it stands", i.e. if they can't change the meter reading on the bill to reflect the real situation, then it's not my debt! Let's hope this works and thanks again for help - will post more about this as soon as I hear from them, hopefully in the right direction! :-|
  6. Hi, just browsing through this thread and came to the same question as elisabeth1: what is the "one year rule"??? Having problems with BG Business who billed me 4 years ago for the wrong meter reading, now being hassled by Westcot for the same inacurate bill... Many thanks
  7. Many thanks for quick reply, however don't really think this applies to me as Westcot has already sent me a copy of the original invoice from British Gas to my name, address etc. the only issue with that invoice is that it states an incorrect meter reading... does that make the invoice invalid? or me not liable for it, just because of the wrong reading? If so, then I guess your letter might work - just not entirely sure it does address this particular issue...
  8. Following moving into my business premises in April 2004, British Gas kept demanding payment for electricity based on the wrong meter reading (their reading much higher than the actual one). I called them back repeatedly to give the right meter reading but they kept ignoring this and carried on sending inaccurate bills for a whole year. Because of the discrepancy in meter readings, I was prevented from entering into a contract with them; so not only were they quoting the wrong electricity reading, but also applying very high electricity units and standing charges. Eventually (in May 2005)
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