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  1. Hi My Company has disputed three invoices from an affiliate network we were a member of. We are online retailers and joined their network for £200 a month. Their service was a disaster so we left and haven't paid our last three invoices on the grounds that what we were paying for (a monthly managed account) wasn't received. This is because our account manager did nothing! We have offered to pay the sales commissions that are rightly due but have written to them to dispute the monthly fee for the last three months. They have refused to credit us, claiming that we did receive th
  2. Hi My girlfriend has a house with a basement. She rents the basement out on a shorthold tenancy agreement. While the flat has it's own entrance it is still linked to the main house area (with an an internal door) and still uses the main houses gas, electric and water supply. It has it's own kitchen and bathroom. Back in May the tenant applied for some benefits and it would seem that this has lead to the council now deciding that it should be classed as a seperate property and thus liable for it's own council tax. Can anyone advise me on the matter, or point me in the direction
  3. Hi, I did the same with another agent a couple of years back and they were so nice about it that when I wanted to re let I called them back and used their services again. They have been so friendly and honest that I actually called her yesterday for advice on these rougue ones. She was very helpful indeed. I think that Landlords need to be aware of these types of 'terms' and avoid letting agents that insist on inserting them into their terms of business. To be honest I am half tempted to get the next rent payment wired straight to me and tell them to stick it. I will send the
  4. cheers steve They have promised to send me a photocopy of the contract. I will check the wording carefully and seek an opinion on if it is enforcable. It seems to me like a penalty for ending the contract. The way they have conducted themselves today about it I wont ever use them again on principle. They are so silly because by doing this they will send away their customers for good and get nothing but bad words said between local landlords. It's a desperate business tactic if you ask me. They have confirmed (after I asked them three times on the phone) that should I wish to s
  5. Hi I own a small flat which I currently rent out. I have a 'part managed' agreement with a local letting agent. I initially signed up for a 6 month tennancy agreement which expired 2 months ago. I have a very good relationship with the tennent and we have decided to set up a new agreement between ourselves. The agent confirms that the 6 month tennancy has expired and is now on a rolling month by month basis. However..... they are saying that something within the T&Cs states that if the management is transfered to another person (me in other words) then a huge fee is payabl
  6. Indeed so. My local council are in the process of re building the city centre, in 2010 they plan to have it finished. A lovely new shopping centre, travel hub and restaurants, bars etc etc. They have planned for a minute amount of car parking spaces. Seemingly through some fantasy that everyone visiting the centre will come in using public transport! Needless to say the parking is gonna be a nightmare. They think they can 'influence' peoples behaviour by providing very little parking. The fact of the matter is that they will be grossly under providing for the needs of visitors. I c
  7. Councils have the choice to enforce parking, if they want to do so then they must take the rough with the smooth. Lets think just for a moment about various menaces in our local towns... Graffitti Litter Vandalism Car crime Petty theft Antisocial behaviour Then we have that awful problem of people leaving their cars in a parking space for longer than they should.... When have you ever sat in a pub and heard a conversation where people complain about people parking their cars? Yet while councils make minimal and pathetic efforts to clean up the real issues tha
  8. The councils run parking enforcement as a revenue raising racket and nothing more. Their system relies on compliance and acceptance to make a profit. It's an unjust and highly unethical way to generate money. I am all in favour of any methods to undermine and scupper their system. If they enforced it in a decent, legal and honest way then I would have a different stance on it. At present there is NO benefit to society brought about by what they do. Parking enforcement in my town is just another social menace that sits along side other forms of anti social behaviour. For your inform
  9. Mate, if you want good ideas on how to waste council tax payers money dont ask me. Ask your local council officials. They are full of 100s of really inspiring initiatives that will waste £1,000,000s of it. If they choose to stick a ticket on my car then they will have to pay the admin and costs associated with that I am afraid. It's their choice.... If they choose to waste their time money and effort on ticketing me then thats their problem. I will send you their address if you like, you can complain directly.
  10. If I lose my appeal can the Enforcement Authority claim costs against me? The Adjudicator’s powers to award costs against you are limited by the same regulations as apply in question 10. The Enforcement Authority would have to apply to the Adjudicator and he or she would have to decide whether you acted frivolously, vexatiously or wholly unreasonably in appealing against the Penalty Charge Notice. TMAYourQuestions
  11. Do you still need a copy of this TRO ? I am popping into BANES this week to get one. Could pick up your copy as well if needs be. I live in Bath.
  12. Dont they have to pay the DVLA to get the owners address details? I would assume that this is an extra couple of quid. Appeal all the way to the adjudicator, that way even if they win the full ticket price wont cover all their costs in fighting the appeal right through to winning.
  13. OK, I have had the NTO through the post today. I plan to go and get the TRO this week. I did plan to get a copy of the TRO and scan it and post it up on here. However got this from the council today via email:- It is likely that you will need to refer to the Residents & Controlled Parking Zone 7 Order 2000 and its variations. If you require a copy of this document please contact this office but you should be aware that with its variations this document runs to approximately 100 pages and administration,photocopying and postal charges will apply. We will provide a quot
  14. Yes, I definately plan to challenge them about the bay markings in my formal representation. Having been back to the area again today (sorry, not got round to getting the TRO just yet) I keep noticing more of the entry signs http://www.thinkjd.co.uk/blog_images/entry_sign.JPG They put them at entrances to the zone. It's a bit of a maze in the area and if there is a road that looks like a route in the have slapped a sign there as well. The thing is.... (and this does annoy me) most people driving in will not see or ignore the signs. They will park up and look only at the signs near the ba
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