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  1. hi there heliosuk you [removed], are you stupid - you are missing the point, if the car wasnt roadworthy then the seller shouldn't have sold it - or should have sold it as spares or repairs. A vehicle has to be fit for purpose no matter how old it is or how many miles it has done, further more selling a car in an un roadworthy condition is illegal, tell me where in the consumer rights act does it say that a car over ten years old is not covered by that act. you are a [removed] and i will be watching your posts on this site and advising others to ignore your responses to their
  2. hi mate, the original question was along the lines of who do i take to court the company or the individuals, i know have the names of the individuals so it makes sense to involve them. Then some [removed] kept replying on here stating that the problem wasnt the prop shaft and that because of the mileage i am not entitled to a refund, trading standards have advised that i do have a case to ask for a refund, mileage and age are important however the car must be fit for purpose and safe to drive on the road in fact its an offence to sell a car that isnt road legal. the trad
  3. Sorry to be brutaul but you dont know what you are talking about, you are just an [removed] the act says, the car must be Of satisfactory quality – of a standard you would expect considering its age, make, model, history, mileage and price Fit for purpose – you must be able to use the vehicle for the purposes you would normally expect, and if you want to use it for something specific, such as towing, tell the dealer As described – if the dealer or the advert says there is a CD player or heated seats, they should be present and work properly Roadworthy – the
  4. hi, thanks for you input, I have had a quote to fix the noise from a landrover specialist and they have diagnosed a worn propshaft. I am also going to take it to landrover and ask them to diagnose and quote to fix the noise and the braking problem. According to trading standards who I spoke to today, they agreed with cab that the missing v5 isn't a reason not to give me refund. Unfortunately its not the traders decision as to whether I can reject a car or not, if the car isn't fit for purpose and or isn't as described then I have grounds to ask for a refund. Lastly you mu
  5. Hi, and thanks for taking the time to make a contribution, I collected it on the 06/08 I contacted the car sales company on the 11/08 to advise them of the 3 problems, they told me to bring it back for a refund, I made arrangements to return it to them on the 13/08. they then told me not to return it until the new v5 had arrived from the dvla. I called the dvla and asked if there had been any progress with the v5 and they said they had no information about it and it may take up to 6 weeks. I spoke to the car sales company and told them that I needed a car as
  6. Hi all, I purchased a car from a dealer, the car is a freelander 2, 07 reg with 175000 on the clock. it was advertised as drives lovely, looks lovely with full service history. I visited the dealer, apex motor services of Wolverhampton, the dealer took me on a test drive and I drove the car back to his showroom. He let me drive it for about a mile at normal road speed say 30-40mph. I collect the car the following Saturday, during the drive home I noticed a clunk when taking up the drive and when changing gears, braking from above 50mph made the steering wheel shake violently, al
  7. hi, some time ago i was in arears with my maintenance payments, i wont go into that here, anyhow they wrote to me approx 8 years ago to say they wont be pursuing me for the debt. they wrote back this week to say that they now want me to pay the arrears, its a sizeable amount and I will pay as much as i need to to clear the debt. if they had said 8 years ago that i need to pay 100 a month to clear the debt i would have done. anyhow, i am now self employed, can anyone tell me how they will calculate the amount that i have to pay, i believe its based on my last years accounts. but
  8. hi all, having problems with a car i bought ( detailed in my other post) shortly after collecting the car (3days) we noticed black smoke coming from the exhaust on acceleration. called the supplying dealer and then took the car into my local vw main agen for a diagnostics report. they said one of the injectors was stuffed. i called the supplying dealer, ( a merc main dealer in wakefield named stratstone). they took it to a vw main dealer near to them. that dealer diagnosed the fuel pump was US. supplying dealer has agreed i can return the car again for repairs ho
  9. hi, its going back on the 11th of june . i need a loan car and thats the earliest they can supply one, and will keep taking it back until it stops smoking.its just a pain in the **** when you pay good money for something then all that you get is hassle. the guy i bought it from is a mercedes benz main dealer in wakefield, so god only knows where i would be if i got it from some back street trader. i believe these places mess you about in the hope that the buyer will sell the car on through an auction or somewhere similar. i have taken it for an emissions test today, so we will s
  10. hi, no its a 140 tdi passat (diesel). main dealer near to us - TL darby diagnosed a faulty injector, they gave me a copy of the screen showing the error. when i returned it to stratstone( the supplying dealer) they took it to a local vw dealer (jct 66) they diagnosed a faulty tandem pump and lift pump, so stratstone replaced the parts and flushed the tank and fuel pipes. the car is still smoking 700 miles plus later. i have owned loads of diesels and have never had one smoke like this before.
  11. hi all, good site. I bought my 55 reg passat in march, it came with a 3mth warranty. I bought it from a mercedes main dealer. Within a couple of days i noticed black smoke coming from the cars exhaust. this isnt noticeable unless you are driving behind the car. during the next 3 weeks i called the garage and left messages asking the salesman to make contact with me, in fact i called them so many times that the dealer has now appeared on my phone bill as a friends and family number. eventually the workshop foreman called me and he agreed i could return the car and they would
  12. the other point is that a car with a full service history is worth more, a car with no service history may have been clocked, and the missing history may shown the true mileage
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