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  1. The debt was £9k in UK unsecured CC no CCA, no CCJ. Sold to various DCA's now in BC with DCA who's registered as collection against canadian credit bureau. Now that's no legal.
  2. HSBC were unable to provide the CCA info & Bluestone eventually gave up, its now with Wiggins a Canadian DCA who cannot supply any information and acts to their own mandate regardless of due process or permitted provincial practices. From another forum I have found that the reciprocal agreement between UK & Canada only covers criminal and tax issues. Un secured credit doesnt fit into these areas and as such can not be processed through this treaty.
  3. What can I Do? Can these DCA's get away with this? Anyone help...........?
  4. Before leaving the UK we tried to settle with UK creditors usually letters and statement of our finances. None were willing to frezze interest or accept a good will reduced payment arrangement until we were better able to repay debt. After trying and failing to get them to accept any affordable offer we started to surf the net and found this web site. We sent various CCA requests to creditors and only recieved application forms and incorrect T's & C's. So as debt unenforceable we sent another template letter stating same, after this we received DCA letters saying debt has been assigned and other bull. Now three years later a British Columbia DCA has placed an amount listed as For Collection on our Canadian Credit Bureau. Firstly there is no CCA for this debt or CCJ. It is my understanding that a DCA cannot simply register a debt in a country where the debt was not originated without gaining a UK court order and then via the reciprocal agreement get it enforced in Canada if then any court ordered repayment plan was breeched an order could be sought and the debt could then be placed on the bureau. Any help would be truly appreciated please don't leave this post unanswered.
  5. Hi Palomino No just the two sheets of A4 printed on one side, the creditors signature looks dubious maybe a copy paste job. Thanks Ellisdon
  6. Hi Guys Just received this CCA from Bank of Ireland, I have removed private information could I please have your comments on it. Many thanks postoffice cca.pdf
  7. If you are getting unwanted calls, then why not go ex directory as 68904 states, and then choose wisely to whom you give out the number. Thomas
  8. How do I know if a summons or CCJ has been sent / issued as the mail from the UK can take over a week to arrive if it makes it at all ? Also if CCJ was issued by UK court and enforced here would my credit rating here be affected ? Thanks for taking the time.
  9. Hi Nicklea Moved abroad Aug 2006, If email counts a few weeks ago otherwise three months ago we sent all creditors a token payment. Some refused to accept any payment other than the regular monthly payment. We are permanent residents now and do not intend on returning to the UK other than an occasional visit to F&F. HSBC have Blue Stone Law, US acting for them and they are currently their intermediary and have contacted us via email. Other creditor companies have been sending the usual letters. My eldest daughter was attacked at school whilst we lived in the UK (one reason for moving) and has needed intensive Mental Health treatment for PTS and actual brain injury (we are currently putting together a claim). My wife has been unable to work as daughter spends 80% of time in Bed with both physical and mental pain. To this end our income has been reduced and we can not afford to pay the creditor what they want after we paid out for food and other necessities. I really hope that we can get through the next few months without extra stress from these creditors. Thanks for reading this, Thomas
  10. Thanks for the reply miss muppet, I will certainly send off CCA but I am being chased by DCA's both UK and Canadian assume I send this to them & What currency should be sent to a non UK DCA?
  11. Hi, To cut a long story short we have emigrated to a new country (non EU) and still owe some UK companies money (credit cards, bank, small loan). After contacting payplan for advice and using their cover letter template and income / expenditure model to send to our creditors. None of the creditors have agreed to stop interest on monies owed and most have not agreed to a token payment. We have continued to be in contact with our creditors and done the usual of offering to pay what we can afford, all they have done is either employ debt collectors or keep sending demands. My current employment doesn't allow for the minimum payments to be met and after having serious family health issues my wife can not work and our eldest child has become disabled and needs expensive medical assistance which my health insurance only covers 80%. Can anyone offer any advice to what I can do, I've even thought about bankruptcy! but don't want to loose my home. Please help
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