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  1. Thank you for your replies I have sent off the SB letter You mention that the document appears to be an application form and lacks the prescribed terms etc. What are these prescribed terms to make it enforcable?
  2. For reasons I won't get in to, I may have made a token payment in 2008 before I knew about CAG or had investigated fully (I'm 50/50 if I did or didn't). It is the company you've mentioned (AK). In relation to the date on the agreement, surely it is not enforcable?
  3. PDF should be working above although I think I messed it up slightly! With regards my CRA: no I can't find it on there. I also used Noddle from your signature and it's not on there either
  4. Not sure why but the attachment has been resized to a tiny size.. needless to say it's a fairly generic credit agreement which has no date for the year underneath signature, just 29/09 and nothing else Thanks dx will try to PDF
  5. Lloyds accepted 40% and marked my file as PS HBOS accepted 30% and marked my file as S Lowell would not accept 70%, still in negoation Neither that accepted would remove the default information
  6. [ATTACH=CONFIG]41064[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]41064[/ATTACH]Hi all, wonder if anyone can give me a heads up.. A debt collection agency are currently chasing me for an old Barclaycard account I cannot remember taking out. About 8 months ago I asked them for a CCA and every month since they have told me that Barclaycard are looking for it Today I received a 'CCA' in the post but it looks very suspect to me (pictured below) I can barely make out the text as it's a terrible photocopy, but more so than that the signature (next to the 1974 Consumer Credit Act) is not dated undernea
  7. Hi again! Thank you so much for your replies. Some work to do there Apologies for the late reply, my monitor decided to blow up last night, as in, it literally went bang lol... and LOL at your letter! I will use it, although maybe replace morons with numbnuts hehe Thank you so much again, very very grateful for your replies and hopefully get some good news soon. Andy
  8. Hiya! Thank you lol. Yes I need to calm down, so stressed Ok here goes: Barclaycard/Mercers - Credit Card: £1600 - mid 2003 Abbey - Credit Card: £2600 - mid 2005 GE Money - Paypal Credit Card (£4000) late 2006 GE Money - Debenhams Store Card (£300) early 2003 Halifax/Albion Collectors - 3 year Unsecured Loan: £5000 - early 2006 LloydsTSB - Overdraft: £1700 - early 2007 I applied for my overdraft online and it was immediately accepted - I didn't call/write for this one at all.... abbey - Overdraft: £1000 - early 2003 They have defa
  9. Hi Everyone !! I stumbled upon this website after googling a number that kept ringing me - led me to a thread on here about Mercers. I'm astounded as to what you guys are doing - I had no idea how many rules these creditors are breaking and just what people on here are doing about it - well done! I've spent the past 6(!) hours reading threads on here similar to my situation, but I'm rubbish at legal jargon and find a lot of it confusing, so I was wondering if I could have some advice on my own situation? (Background story) Past few years I've been silly with money, using revolv
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