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  1. Well i have had two responses now from capquest. Advising simply, they will amend my account once payment is made! I have sent a reply stating that if they can confirm in no uncertain terms that the default will be reomved i will pay in the interests of resolving quickly, and my response from capquest is the same "we will amend your account accordingly once paid" As per the original request for the CA from capquest they have not been able to provide this so im sure they cannot legally request monies owed now i think? as its now been over 30days. I'd still rather make payment to get defaul
  2. Right i have an update, Thanks to Bankfodder who drafted a letter for me, I sent letter to both experian and equifax only received a response from Experian, and they missed out the main question about if it is correct that multiple defaults can be applied on you credit file if they all relate to the same alledged debt. On a plus note however if a alledged debt is bought by a DCA then they must use the same dates in respect to when the credit was opened or when it was defaulted. I have subsequently sent a return mail to Experian asking them directly if multiple defaults can be logged
  3. Urgent help needed - I am in the process of applying for a Mortgage, i have been in alot of communications with a recommended advisor who has looked over all my defaults however doesn't know value of debt. He has some good news which i never expected he can get me a mortage with all my defaults 3XExperian 7xEquifax however they have alimit of £3k. Experian=£1716 Equifax=£4785 however without multiple defaults on file for the same debt Experian=£1716 intresting that experian have correct info Equifax=£2238 Is it worth calling up Equifax and ask them direct what policy th
  4. Well Car has gone back into the Vauxhall Dealership to have the waterpump replaced then got a call advsing me that they now needed another part to fix the car which happened to be the belt auto tensioner. Went to collect car and technician comes out to speak to me advsing the issue has not gone away..... however for the first time ever Vauxhall seem to be taking me seriously and advised they spoke to head office for a fix and they advised it could also need the a complete new air conditioning unit and if this doesn't fix the issue then they will have to keep the car and await a visit from
  5. Thanks for the message i have copied the letter and printed and will send to Experian and Equifax, i will let you know once i have an update. I have held off logging a dispute on my file untill i get the reply - looks like that mortgage application will have to wait for now!:-|
  6. Letter to Capquest has been sent pretty much as above, lets see what they say to that! Yes multiple defaults have been logged once with original creditor and one with the DCA:(
  7. Thanks BankFodder, Please see below frafted letter due to send to Experian, will this do? Equifax has more than 7 defaults logged against me compared to experians who only have 3 so am still drafting that letter but will also be asking the same questions. ******************************************************** Removed ********************************************************
  8. I have the following responses from the DCAs REDdebt/Lowell - Have agreed that debt is now statue barred Rockwell/Tessera - Have closed case as Capone unable to produce CA Capquest - Are requesting CA however have offered me a once in a lifetime opportunity 70% off the debt pay £16 they say they have logged a default against me and if i pay they will contact the CRAs and advised them i have "short settled the account" does that mean they will remove the default!? My question is... Now the above companies agree they cannot claim anything from me and have closed the account ca
  9. Iv searched and search but cant find a template letter for disputes with CRAs over multiple defaults
  10. Thanks Ray for your response, I am uttely shocked that Vauxhall can get away with claims of MPG like this if its a common complaint as youve said in your post. Especially as it is often the main reason for purchase as it was in my case. Where does it say that the consumer should take no notice of MPG figures as printed in sales brochure as far as im concerned this is a case of mis-selling? Granted i never expected the car to do the quoted figures but the MPG im getting is not even close. Well the follow up letter has been sent today so i will let you know of GMACs response.
  11. I am calculating my MPG at the pumps i.e run the car down to empty, i fill up and zero the odometer once down to low i refill and record milage average 300miles on a full tank and how many litres used to fill back to full around 38litres. I was even advised my Vuaxhall to fill up to top drive a 10 mile flat motorway run near i live and refill and record which i did without driving above 60mph and i averaged 38mpg i long way off the supposed figure og 56.5mpg If the only thing that transpires from my letters is that they fully investigate issues/mpg and resolve i will be a happyman!
  12. So the S.A.R. will send me all copies of the default notice from Natwest and Cap1 then i presume, if they cant provide me this does that mean they have illegally applied the defaults to my Credit File? I have already sent a S.A.R. to cap1 14/08/08 including £10.00 PO no reply as yet. Also you say i shouldn't mention anything if they ask, what are they likely to ask? Sorry for all the Qs just want to get this correct first time
  13. I have sent the letter after advice fro trading standards i was advised to continue using the car by the dealer to assess the issues. I have no contract with Vauxhall as the car is Hire Purchase, dealer sell the car to Finance company and Finance company sell to me at least that is my understanding which was also confirmed by Trading Standards. In regards to MPG i understand how figures are worked out however the difference of almost 25mpg on an urban cylce is non camparable and is almost 40% error, i have upon many times advised that the engine is not running smoothly or performing at
  14. After contacting Trading Standards I am attempting to return a Vehicle I feel a) Has been miss-sold due to fuel consumption levels b) Being faulty since purchase Basically upon collection of vehicle a mechanical droning noise was notice coming from engine and brakes where excessively noisy upon braking. Original Dealer was immediately advised and vehicle was returned for investigation, garage cleaned brakes and stated couldn't hear drone/whine. The car has since been back to partner franchise 5 times (due back in again next week) where I have been told that excessive noise from brakes
  15. Any car purchased under Hire contract can be given back 1/2 way through its agreement it is to protect the consumer or the creditor depending on how you look at this. Basically the Credit Company can take the vehicle from you 1/2 way through your term if they believe that said vehcile is actually worth more than the outstanding balance this never happens, however the flip side is that you can return vehicle, as in most cases the O/S balance you owe is actually alot more than said vechicle's actual value and is your consumer right under the hire purchase agreement, as i'm led to believe.
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