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  1. The council sent me a reply that the £200 costs was court costs so I decided to pay this bill in May this year, I asked the council to confirm receipt of this payment as I paid by their online payment system. They sent me a reply which confirmed receipt of the payment and that my account balance was now zero and all money owned had been paid. In July this year the bailiffs turned up with no warning at my property wanting to remove goods to cover the money that they said I owned to the council for council tax arrears. I phoned the council and they confirmed that I did not owe them anything and that my balance was zero. The bailiffs then claimed that the councils bill was settled but I owe them fees for two visits although they had already sent me a letter previously confirming that all fees have been removed from my account. Are they breaking the law by giving me warning letters claiming that I owe money to the council? Is this not classed as trying to obtain money by deception? I was not home when the bailiff visited my property but my partner and four year old daughter was so as you can imagine this really scared them. The bailiffs have not replied to the letter that I have sent to them, so I am not sure what to do next, can anyone give some advise?
  2. Yes this is related to the same issue, although only relates to one liability order now.
  3. I asked for a copy of the liability order from the council and there is a section on the copy called "Costs of the complainant" £5
  4. I asked for details from the council about a liability order and they sent me this. Period Of Liability 01.04.2007 to 30.08.2007 Full Charge £727.37 Costs £203 Outstanding Balance £930.37 I sent a another letter to the council asking about the costs and they never replied, the letter was sent recorded delivery so I know they received it over one month ago. Are they required by any law to provide details of these costs? The bailiff company confirmed to me previously by letter that as a goodwill gesture they have removed all fees from the account so the only cost should be the £5 liability order fee.
  5. I phoned royal mail and the postal order has not been cashed and they also said the letter is missing and it cannot be located. So I am going to send the letter again with another postal order.
  6. I posted on the 27/4/12 to the same address as you mentioned, but when I enter the tracking number at royal mail its still being progressed through the network for delivery. Do they not normally sign Royal Mail recorded letters?
  7. I submitted a SAR to the NatWest with the £10 postal order but its now been over 40 days and I have received no reply. Is this normal? Can anyone confirm the address I should have sent the SAR to?
  8. The council has informed me the additional £39 charge is a levy fee. I asked the council for information about this levy fee and they told me to speak to the bailiff company. I spoke to the bailiff company and they told me the only charges on my account are for 42.50, the bailiff company say this £39 charge is not from them. The council just wrote this to me.
  9. The council just told me that the additional £39 is more bailiff fees but the bailiff did not tell me about these fees on the breakdown. Can they charge for more than two visits on one liability order?
  10. Yes but it was parked in the parking area with another 20 cars its only worth a few hundred I doubt they have levied the car. If they levied the car would they have told me so?
  11. They could not of levied anything as I live in a second floor flat there is no way they could look through the window and I have no garden.
  12. The bailiff replied with this as the breakdown of charges 13/01/2012 Debt £1214.54 16/01/2012 Visit 1 £24.50 17/01/2012 Visit 2 £18.00 29/03/2012 Levy Fee £59.00 29/03/2012 Attendance Fee £150.00 Total £1466.04 When I asked the council for details of the liability order they replied with this. Sum payable and outstanding £1150.54 Costs of the complainant £25.00 Aggregate amount £1175.54 I'm confused over the original debt amount as they seem to be different.
  13. Thanks I will take a look in the template library. One other thing, the liabilty order total was £1175.54 and the original debt amount as stated from the baliff company is £1214.54, how could these amounts be different? Can the council add there own charges?
  14. Thanks for the advice. I know I can report the bailiff with the following form. hxxp://hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/form4_0606.pdf Can anyone point me towards a template letter for complaining to the council over the fraudulent charges?
  15. I currently have a liability order from a local authority over council tax. I asked the bailiff company for a breakdown of the charges as the amount they state I owe is £290 more than the original liability order. The amount stated on the liability order from the council is £1175.54 The breakdown of charges from the bailiff company is as follows. 13/01/2012 Debt £1214.54 16/01/2012 Visit 1 £24.50 17/01/2012 Visit 2 £18.00 29/03/2012 Levy Fee £59.00 29/03/2012 Attendance Fee £150.00 Visit 1 and 2 was to an address I previously lived and was not living there at the time they visited. Can they charge me a visit fee for an address I was not living at? The levy fee and attendance fee was at my address but they never made it past my front door and also did not sign anything, I live in a second floor flat so they could not levy any goods in a garden or look through my windows. The bailiff company made me a goodwill gesture and removed the levy fee and attendance fee. Can I still make a formal complaint over illegal fees even though they have now removed these charges?
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