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  1. Hi, i have actually spoke to HFO a couple of times now since my 'card' was delivered (I have been warned on here not to do this - good advice!) but to be honest i just wanted my debt to be cleared. I wished i had not bothered!! They have my number anyway so it was a matter of time till i started getting 'the dreaded calls' lol. They have rang me now nearly everynight for the past 11/2 weeks. The first time i called them I told them how much i could pay weekly and they asked for my credit/debit card details (Like i would really give that to them!?!) I said i didnt have a credit card so they wan
  2. Hi, up till 3 months ago i was able to pay my capitol one credit card but i hit problems and my credit card has unfortunately been unpaid for 3 months. Everytime i recieve a statement i cringe at the charges they are slapping on and to be honest it makes me feel like 'whats the point paying £10/20 (Thats all i can afford at present) when they were only just going to hit me with another overlimit fee anyway because i was still above my limit. Plus its getting to the point where i feel like i couldnt pay off the amount they are asking for now anyway and when i ask for help they just dont budge
  3. I have learnt the hard way! I know phoning these have got me nowhere. I was a little relieved that we hadnt given them any bank details after i phoned them. It seemed like they were trying to grab every little bit of personal info and banking details they could. THE ADVICE ON HERE IS 100% CORRECT!!! NEVER PHONE THESE MUPPETS!! In fact they phoned us today and believe it or not asked for my husband!:o(The debt is mine and mine only) I just told them any communication must be in writing and put the phone down!! (Hey - thats good for me, i'm usually a push-over) lol
  4. Hi!! Sorry for sounding a little thick but how did HFO get the details for this debt if it was wiped out when she was made bankrupt? Who would have passed it onto them? I dislike this company so much....
  5. Ok, i really want to get this debt paid off and i know against better judgement and advice i rang to set up a dd (sorry Patrick, Kalley), my reasoning was 'its only £100, whats the worst they could do?' if it was more i wouldnt have done this mind you! (compared to others problems on here mine seem kinda petty) but what could have been so simple turned into a bit of a farce. I phoned with good intention giving my bank details offering 5 a week because its a joint account they needed authority from husband to set this up. The they told hubby they cant do a joint account cause of policy they def
  6. Ok, just phoned them today. ....I know..I know..i shouldnt speak to these people by phone but to be honest i just wanted to see if they would accept my payment proposals. They did but they want it by DD so i need to give my bank details (ermmm? mmm) Also i quieried the £10 amount difference and he explained it was admin 'for removing my default with experian when the debt is paid up in full'. Never come across that before, is that the norm?
  7. I got in touch with 3 today and they confirmed that HFO will be collecting the payments. I am a little worried after reading about the tactics of this company that they are not going to accept what i can offer as the letter states it wants payment in full - no mention of negotiation. Also they have the amount wrong by £10. Could it be a charge or something?:?
  8. Hi, on friday i stupedly fell for a DCA trick and phoned a number on a 'postcard' claiming to be a delivery service with a 'packet'(i explained this in length in another thread) anyhow, today my 'packet' arrived in the form of a letter from HFO services. It is for an old unpaid 3 mobile account i had in 2004/5. I expected this after that stupid card fell on my doormat. I owed in 2006 £108.51 (I have an old bill from wescot) now HFO say i owe £118.51. Now i know i may be overreacting and i do intend to pay this bill as i do owe it (not sure why its £10 more tho?) but to be honest i don
  9. Hi, Thankyou for your help and sorry for posting on the wrong board!
  10. Hi, Last friday i had a blue/white card drop through my door stating to be from a delivery/courier service trying to deliver a package to me. Not being very clever i phoned the number thinking my ebay purchase had arrived! I couldnt get through friday and tried again today. I got through to a girl who promptly asked for my postal code (normal i thought for a delivery) so i gave it. She replied-'Oh, its a package that doesnt need signing for so it is being sent out to you'. I asked why, if it didnt need signing for, did it end up going back to depot and what was the point of sending a
  11. Hi, (sorry this is very long!!!) I came across this website while i was searching on the net trying to find out about a company that had dropped a strange postcard on my doormat last friday. The name of the company was First direct logistics limited and it seemed (at first) that it was a courier company that had tried to deliver a package. It says..'sorry we missed you, we attempted to make a delivery to you'. It gives a web address and a phone number. I was actually waiting for a ebay purchase to be delivered and thought this was it so stupidly i rang the number. I was told by an automa
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