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  1. Hi Guys, Looking for some advice regarding snagging, certificates & BC at the end of a building project. The majority of the works were completed in Feb (3 months late), the builder is now ignoring our letters, calls and emails requesting their return to complete the snagging list. We're holding a retainer for the snagging which should just cover the outstanding work but any certificates & warranties are all held by the builder. We would like to get a new builder in to finish the snagging but are worried that we would then struggle to get final sign of by building c
  2. Hi, While perusing my credit history today I noticed a couple of credit checks had been made by lenders with the ref "first mortgage". I've spoken to a couple of lenders ref a mortgage but have categorically not given anyone permission to run a credit check. Can they do this without my permission and if so is it hurting my credit score? Thanks,
  3. Hi guys, I'm about to apply for my first mortgage so thought it would be wise to check my credit history and unfortunately I've found a default from June 2005 which I naively thought had been resolved. I'd appreciate some advice on my best course of action, below is the history of the default to date: 08/06/2005 - Experian reports default from Orange PCS for £287 (Equifax shows Arrow Global) 29/05/2008 - Letter from Orange recieved stating debt sold to Arrow Global w/e from 19/12/2007 29/05/2008 - Letter from Arrow recieved stating debt is being managed by Face2Face and that defa
  4. Just realised I asked the same question 2 years ago! Looks like I need to start with a Letter Before Action.
  5. Hi, My Father is a landlord for a student let, he is a retired farmer and this is his pension. This year one of the students left without paying much of his rent , this was deducted from his deposit (held by the uni) along with costs for damages. My Father has now discovered that a number of the bills were not paid which leaves an outstanding balance owed by this particular student of around £500. My Father has spoken to the student (and has his address) and the student has agreed this money is owed and that he will send a cheque. This cheque never arrives and he is now n
  6. Hi, I ordered a bed from Homebase 30 days ago but just had a voicemail today to say it would be delayed by a month! I'd like to cancel my order but I'm not sure of my rights as its now passed the cooling off period. Surely a 60 day delivery is excessive when Homebase quote 35days at point of sale? Can I cancel? Thanks, James
  7. Hi, I'd appreciate some advice if anyone can help. Recently my girlfreind had a few proffesional photos taken by a company called "Doubletake Studios", she paid upfront for the photos, approx £150, and was told delivery would be 4-6 weeks. This delivery was never made. Now 13 weeks later she's phoned twice weekly only to be fobbed off on every occasion by "it's in the post" or "we'll send it tomorrow"or "it's lost" or "its in the post room" - you get the picture. My girlfreind has asked for her money back however it's "not their policy to offer refunds". Can anyon
  8. Could a court summons be served to his mothers address on the assumption he lives there? Cheers,
  9. My father has the name and address of the students mother however she's not interested and doesn't know where the student now lives. Unfortunately I don't believe he requested guarantors signatures from the students. I'm afraid he's new to this and too trusting. Thanks,
  10. Hi everyone, Just a quick message to say a big thanks for all the help and advice. Following a "prove it" letter to Face2Face I recieved a letter back stating that I would be removed from their systems and I would recieve no further contact. Cheers guys, James
  11. Hi guys, Can anyone give me some advice? My father owns a student house in Bath - 4 occupants each with an individual contract (not joint tenency?) One of the students has gone AWOL following the end of the contract without paying 2 months rent, bills, damages. What can my father do? Thanks, James
  12. Its for Orange Mobile but I don't know what the debt relates to. I will send a SAR when I get a response to the "prove it" Cheers, James
  13. Last question I promise! If I am disputing the debt by "prove it" and "SAR" can a default be issued during this time? If not then at what point can a crediter/DCA fairly issue a default notice? Cheers, James
  14. Thanks so much for your help, that's really cleared things up for me. I have today sent a prove it letter by RMSD so I'll see what response I get. I'll probably follow this up with a SAR. I have also requested a copy of my credit report to see if I have any defaults showing. Thanks again, James
  15. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I beleive my alleged debt dept is 4y/o in which time I've recieved no contact. I've now recieved a letter from a DCA threatening to ruin my credit history. I obviously don't want to pay an unenforceable debt but really don't want to damage my credit history. Although I guess I can ask for proof of the debt etc - is the only way to avoid defaults/ccj by paying up in full whether a genuine debt or not? Thanks, James
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