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  1. My son bought a dilapidated terraced property about four years ago and spent two years completely renovating it and has been living there for about 18 months. Unknown to me he has never received a council tax bill and consequently has not paid anything to the Council. He has now received a letter from the council demanding to know details of the solicitor who handled the sale on his behalf. No doubt they wish to know purchase date etc so that they can issue a bill I am sure he will now be sent a hefty sum for arrears but just two points: i) Where does he stand on the t
  2. Progress – progress – progress After being informed by the bailiff yesterday that this case was heard at Trafford Magistrates I rang them and spoke to a very helpful young lady. The case was actually heard there in June 2012 and judgement passed. The initial court papers/summons were sent to an address which my son’s girlfriend had not lived at for over two years! She now has an appointment shortly at our local court to sign a statutory declaration So my thoughts on the case so far: 1. Despite the heading on this thread Marstons DID indeed have a court order and so I apologise in t
  3. I tried that yesterday and you get various options to press, and then more various options, and then finally the recorded voice states ' if you are ringing in connection with a bailiff visit please get in touch with Marstons'!!! I felt like screaming ' I have done FOUR times but they ignore me!' I have tried to help a young girl out with a problem, I have rang the courts, I have written polite letters and faxes, spoken to the bailiff, given my contact details out via CAG to Marstons and yet the odds are stacked against me to sort this out in a timely manner for as Billy Joel would s
  4. thanks uncle B but i) I don't know which court to go to as Marstsons won't tell me - despite 4 requests ii) the house, fixtures & fittings are the sole legal property of my son who is the innocent party in all this and you are saying they can break in HIS house?
  5. i) It would appear that this case has nothing to do with an insurance company, as first thought, but has been instigated by the DVLA ii) Marstons maintain that they have a ‘magistrates court distress warrant’ from August last year against my sons partner; I have now asked FOUR times for a copy of this. Yet having a paid search undertaken with ‘Trust Online’ in December there is NO record of ANY order against her at the address that she has lived at for the past 2 years iii) This confirms my view that all previous documentation,
  6. you are right uncleb I have spoken to the enforcement agent who informs me that he has a copy of a ‘magistrates court distress warrant’ From what I can understand Thames insurance, upset at not getting the original Motor Insurance certificate back, reported my sons partner to the DVLA for false/failure to declare the sale of a vehicle! I jest ye not! DVLA must have decided to take action This has gone to the magistrate’s court in Trafford, Manchester and in my son’s partner’s absence, and her being totally oblivious to the case, the case went against her and she was fined! I
  7. And of two fax numbers on Marstons correspondence: i) 01992 703703 continually rings ii) 01992 807389 continually engaged So you can’t communicate by fax with them now!!
  8. Incredible Despite faxing Marstons yesterday fully outlining the case, despite enclosing copies of previous letters (all unanswered), despite asking again for a copy of the ‘court order’ and despite specifically asking that their ‘heavy’ is called off until full facts are at hand and can be dealt with in an appropriate manner he has been knocking at my sons door again this afternoon!!!! Note pushed through the letterbox states: Final Notice ‘I shall remove your goods for sale at public auction’ (house & goods are my sons who is the innocent party in all this!) Their client i
  9. Thnaks TT but... i) NO court papers were ever received at old or new address ii) The sum ‘allegedly’ owed (for which NO explanation, breakdown or substantiation has been received despite being requested) stands at £605 iii) Marstons specifically refer to: a) Letter mid December: ‘Being in possession of a Magistrates Court Order’ b) Bailiff note put through letterbox last Saturday: ‘Magistrates Court Fine’ As previously stated: i) I paid for a court search and NO judgment has ever been passed against the indiv
  10. letter to Marstons in December 'As I am unaware of any case involving me ever going to court, let alone being able to defend myself, I request a copy of the said court order forthwith so that I may act accordingly' NO response received to letter
  11. thanks uncleb' further points as follows: ‘It would not be a magistrates court order, but a county court judgement’ A: Marstons specifically refer to a ‘Magistrates Court Fine’ Ask marstons which county court awarded the CCJ and on what date, plus what reference numbers apply. Then Sons partner can phone the court. A: Already done so in December but NO response If marstons are telling porkies then warn them that they may be committing a criminal offence under the Administration of Justice Act 1970 A: this Act was referred to in a previous letter sent to to CCI, who appoi
  12. My son’s partner sold her car and cancelled her insurance policy but there then followed an ongoing dispute with her insurance company (Thames) over the termination fee as they alleged that she had not returned her certificate of insurance for the vehicle concerned. She did return what she thought was her latest certificate but they were adamant they had issued a later ‘amended’ certificate what had not been returned. All went quiet for a few months and then she received a letter from CCI Legal followed by threats from Marston’s who said they were in possession of a magistrate’s court order
  13. My wife has a small card shop and recently decided to switch her electricity supplier from British Gas to another supplier. British Gas have however refused her request as apparently she signed a five year contract in March 2006 British Gas sent a very poor copy of the contract – hardly legible – its undated apart from the handwritten date under the wife’s signature. I don’t know if this was a ‘fixed price contract’ but I note that the rate has increased from 7.95 on the contract to 11.65p/kWh Not only that but…..the signed contract which they are insisting my wife adheres to has a st
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