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  1. Hi, this is a follow on from a success I had a year ago. I had Lowell chaising me for a debt that was around 5 years old when they started perstering me. I asked for a CCA and got a letter that they are looking. after a month i said they have not been able to find one. normal process. I sent a letter in August last year saying that I consider this harassment, they are not to contact me again as they can't prove they have any right to pursue this debt, that i never acknoledged was mine. Then it all went quiet. I had an email from experian the other day saying that a search had been carried out, I've checked my report and Lowell's have ran a credit check. Should I be worried? How should I play this. They admited last year they did not have a CCA, so surely this is breaking the law as they had no legal right to search my record without my consent. Should i forget it? or is this the start of another round of letter writing. Will this happen every year now? who'll get bored of this first?
  2. So I've had enough waiting for nothing to really happen so I've started the complaints prcess with Tradings Standards, information commissioner and reported them the the FSO. Also as a last ditch curtesy this is what I'm about to send, notifying them of my current actions. Any thoughts? I've not figured out how to get MP involved in this yet but I'll figure that out later this afternoon.
  3. So It's been a while now and I've not heard a peep from Thames / Aktiv. In my previous letter to them dated 18/06/08 the deadlines I specified, and were supported by the appropriate laws and such were as below. 17th June 2008 - 12 Day CCA request expired (from origional CCA request sent on 4/6/08 ) 3rd July 2008 - 14 days to explain intended course of action. 10th July 2008 - 21 day Deadline for removing / explaining the Credit Refference removal (Supported by Data protection Act, no explanation recieved. 17th July 2008 - 30 Extended period expired, they have now committed a Summary Criminal Offence. Every request I made in my letter dated 18/06/08 has been missed / ignored. So does anyone suggest what my next course of action is? I believe I write a Letter to Thames / Aktiv stated that this is a formal complaint and then outline which laws they have broken, detail the actions I wish them to perform to resolve this matter. I also write to Trading Standards, the Office of Fairtrading and the Information Commissioners Office. Is this correct and does anyone have any templates I can use. In my letters to the OFT and trading standards, do I send them copies of all my letters to them and their replies so they can view the full case or just a letter of complaint? Any advice appreciated. Also is it worth writing to credit refference agencies and ask them to either remove the default, or can i get a comment added to it saying that this is unlawful and being investigated. Regards Badger.
  4. Hi, me again. well I've had a busy few weeks, moved house to a s****y new place and all going well, except this damn Thames Credit farce. I have another letter, much the same as the last, letter is copied below. This arrived on the 11th July so the 30 days non-compliance period is now up.
  5. Nice letter, I think, arrived today from LTSB, details below,
  6. I've just found the description of events in regards to this. After the their conduct in that case how can they still hold a credit license?
  7. Yesterday morning I had the following rely back from Thames.
  8. I got home and big surprise, nothing interesting in the post. So this is what I've just got together and it will be in the post at lunch time. Recrded delivery of course.
  9. Today is day 12 from when AK signed for the the CCA request. I'll be expecting nothing on my door mat when I get home from work so I have the CCA letter all typed up and ready to go in the post already. If I'm quick I should be able to catch the evennig post, I'll copy my letter in here when it goes but don't want to get to far ahead of myself. At present I've not heard anything from LTSB they signed for the SAR on the 5th June but I've not heard a peep from them. What is the time limit on SAR's, and does this mean anything if they miss the target other than I'll be needing to send them another letter telling them they missed the deadline.
  10. just thought I'd check the proof of delivery for the recorded deliveries and it I can only see the signature for the letter sent to LTSB, Thames and AK both just say come back later. Is it likely they just refused to sign for the letters, and how does this affect the CCA requests for them. Can they now use the "we didn't recieve the letters argument"? It's been 9 days since they were sent and I've not had them returned to me undelivered. This happened to anyone else? Strange considering Thames seems to have responded to one.
  11. Thanks. So I'm now waiting till again. This morning is day 8 so not really that long to hold off for anyway.
  12. What a surprise I had had went getting home from work this evening. This following letter was on my door mat waiting for me. I want to make a comment about one hand not knowing what the other hand is doing, considering this letter is dated as the same day as the previous letter I recieved (see earlier post by me). Does anyone think they will be actually missing information that they need from me when I sent the letter to them a few posts back, or is this another attempt to get people on the phone with them to start wearing me down? If I don't respond to this can they use it as an excuse to not completeing my CCA request. Should I send a postal resonse now along the lines of "What more informatin do you require", or wait till the 12 days are up (we're on day 7 now) and then write with the you failed letter, you've 30 days to comply before i tell you. As always advice is appreciated.
  13. The Agreement number is just a number picked form the air and not my actual one. CCA stage 2 I'll find one somewhere as I have 5 days more before the next stage.
  14. I've got a reply, quicker than I thought it was going to be, though as you'll notice doesn't really say much. So, nothing what I asked for. I sent the CCA request on and posted it lunchtime (recorded delivery) on 4/6/8. Do I respond to this saying i'm disapointed or wait till the 12 days has elapsed then point it out to them they have now breach? As always any input is greatly appreciated.
  15. Letters sent of to all three of them. I know the AK and Thames are sort of the same, but I'm certaint that Thames will say they got it from AK so I'll probably need to CCA them later. Copes of letters below.
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