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  1. Thanks i feel so much better ,they only do direct debit or ring up ,i dont do direct debits ,so i normaly phone up a couple day before its due ,i was just worried the the bailiffs would turn up next week ,thanks again might sleep tonight
  2. Hi i have a ccj from greenhalghs ive been paying for 12 months always on time ,well i phoned up yesterday and they are not open til tues and payment is due on the 1st ive left a message on the answer phone ,i just worryed incase the balliffs come round the debt stands at £1394.00 ,has anyone else pyed there ccj late due to bank holidays
  3. i recieved a letter from moorcroft at the request of our auditors we would like to agree the balance shown on your payment card (havent got one )with that shown on our records complete the following details of your current outstanding balance and the details of the last 3 payments i know the debt for virgin media but it doesnt show any balance do i fill it in and start up a payment plan or ignore it i know the right thing is to pay up but wanted to know best way forward thank any advice is welcomed
  4. natwest did this to my partner last month went to draw out money and couldnt went to branch they told him tht his account was too overdraw (impossible as he has a large overdraft )and couldnt use his card well after phoning natwest a couple of times ,all it was that he must of put the wrong pin number in wrong and it block the card , keep phoning natwest hopefully youll get someone knows what their doing on the other end
  5. hi thanks sillygirl1 for that bit of info as i have 2 bt debts and 2 orange mobile debts with moorcroft and scotcall take one of each debt quite confusing when trying to sort out , on the cca reqests mobiles and bt etc are not covered is that right ,only mobile account with whack me with extra charges was orange with 2 debts at 195 and 105 now are 485 and 385 ,i was told by scotcall that nco put the charges on the 2 accounts ,anyway this morning had a call from scotcall regarding payment and i said i would pay by p/o because i dont wanna drag it out any longer ,thanks fro everyones reply been most helpfull
  6. hi all the debts are old mobile accounts and bt virgin media so i have to pay them ,just costing me a lot with the pay in books (charge 2.40 per book )on the pay slips a credit account number and ref so all the detail are not on it , i will send another letter to both agencys to see if they offer their account info .
  7. hello all just a short question moorcroft and scotcall sent me payment books i ask for standing order details but was told they dont accept standing order as payment method anymore only direct debit which i dont wanna set up ,does anyone else set up a standing order with these guys
  8. hi just wanted to know what happens on a sar request sent hsbc sar request on 7 july 2008 sent me letter saying they need proof of address and my signature sent letters back you never had trouble verfiying me before so ,since then i had debt collections sending me the taking to court letters ,capquest was the resent one but now they have sent it back to hsbc , its been nearly a year now ,what happens now ,can i do anything to move things along or do i just leave it does anyone have a template letter for stopping charges and interest on credit card thanks any advice would be most helpfull
  9. hi just wanted to know if i can claim back these 19 £ 12.00 charges which are late payment fee and 2 overlimit fee this is for a halifax credit card ,if i can claim these back would kind of leter should i send, any help please
  10. thanks for the reply i was just about to reply to their offer on paying the debt back .i did send letter to capquest like the 1 above and all i got was 30 day cooling off for hsbc to contact me which they didnt ,i dont know what to do send another letter like you said plus a cca request ,would that help ?
  11. hi ive been dealing with hsbc over a bank loan and overdraft i owe them sent a sar request in 7 july 2008 recieved a letter back saying need to verfify me ,i contacted the fos and told to complain to hsbc first then , complain to them , sent a letter off to hsbc , never contacted fos again , need ive got a letter from capquest stating their going to start litigation to resolve this matter i dont know what to do ive just printed off the cca request to both capquest and hl legal as i had a letter of them aswell this week ,i did write to capquest and told them that hsbc account was in dispute but now they they done this panicking abit now as ive got ahouse and dont wont a charging order please help
  12. just want to offer my support ,the best thing youve done is join this group ,in the begining sorting out my debt i was scared of the postman coming every day ,now i open letters without feeling too stressed , these guys on here are fab any questions big or little or to talk ,just for peace of mind .
  13. thanks am going to send a a letter to hsbc now reminding them i also put in that i will be put a complaint to the fos if they dont comply , i have advice from the fos before christmas to do this , so i will see what happens next
  14. got a letter from capquest regarding hsbc account now they have sent this we are going to commence legal action on the 18 jan if no arrangement has been made the letter i posted must have crossed in the post as am in dispute with hsbc for a sar request panicking now what to do help anyone
  15. thanks for your replys ,i ve had replys to every letter ive sent them ,they say they need my signature but why pass the debt on ,hsbc been threating me with a charging order for the pass 7 months doesnt make sence ,but i will send a letter of dispute to CAP QUEST ,MY OVERDRAFT IS CHARGES just trying to reduce the debt owing
  16. hi everyone waiting for hsbc to send me my sar request since july now they have passed it on to cap quest where do i stand now the debt is a bank loan and overdraft thats why i wanted to claim bank charges back ,i sent dg solilitors a cca request back in july not heard anything since then now this
  17. hi im in the same postion with hsbc since july ive now sent a letter to hsbc complaining that if i dont get my sar request i will send a formal complaint to fos as i have had advice from them to do this i hope this helps you
  18. thanks for the reply got to send a payment or sar request by the 16 december ,li dont have all the information on the credit card they is lot of charges on this account so il send a sar request ,i hope it will lower the balance .
  19. the guy from natwest told it was in the terms and conditions of my account that they dont need to tell you that a 38.00 pound charge is coming out of your account ,i told him am on benefits with 4 kids he wasnt interested so i told him i put a claim in for it back,which i wont get back until the test case is over ,even then i might not get it back ,i ve sent a letter to there head office to complain about people on benefits and being charged ,its unfair, might not get heard but i feel better for doing it why dont you do the same
  20. i have vodafone bb with called a modern lite ,cheap at £7.50 a month on contact for 2 years get 8 hrs a day on internet i dont find it slow ,hope this helps you decide look out for offers
  21. just a little question about admin orders can debt that ive cca requested came back unenforceble ,hsbc have been very quite on me if they do decide to give me a ccj for whatever reason do i need to give all debts included ones ive had unenforceble on a admin order ,do i have to declare them at all ,its been a question ive been looking for but could find one on here ,any thoughts on this one
  22. hi just been on my experain credit report and the debt has gone what does this mean
  23. thanks alot for your quick reply much needed thank you
  24. hi my partner has a halifax credit card which hes paying off not alot at the moment owes about £1100 hes missed payments and had charges should i put a sar request in maybe a cca request aswell or is that being abit cheeky plus i had account with halifax which i dont use anymore they sent me a letter saying i owe 56 pounds becuse they charged me 2 p interest do i send them a sar request i have 30 pounds this month to pay the credit card should i use that money to sar them both i dont know what to do any help on what should do would be most welcome
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