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  1. Again many thanks for the advise, I just panic when there is no reason to, the more I look at it now, it is just your standard threat letter, I'm just gonna keep my head down, enjoy my holiday and let this bunch of monkeys go and do one. If it turns into more serious issues then I have plenty of evidence from way back to present my case if need be. Thanks
  2. It says that they are instructing their pre-legal team to review the account and that should the matter proceed and a CCJ be obtained "Blah Blah Blah" instruct a Baliff to come round, good luck with that as it is not my house, it belongs to my family obtain a charge angainst your property, again good luck with that as it ain't my property or deduct monies from my wages from work............. Hate getting letters like this before I go away on holiday. *****Ah I get it now..... This is one of their "Blackmail/Threat Letters" to scare me into paying up..... Well as I have said before t
  3. It says that they are instructing their pre-legal team to review the account and that should the matter proceed and a CCJ be obtained "Blah Blah Blah" instruct a Baliff to come round, good luck with that as it is not my house, it belongs to my family obtain a charge angainst your property, again good luck with that as it ain't my property or deduct monies from my wages from work............. Hate getting letters like this before I go away on holiday.
  4. Well just had a follow up letter form the idiots scrapping the bottom of an old barrel MKDP "Tracing Department" advising me to contact them to arrange immediate payment or they will be taking further legal action by obtaining a CCJ and instructing door step collectors "Blah Blah Blah" any advise on what I should do, or just wait and see what happens? Like I say they have already admitted that neither themselves or First Direct can find the credit agreement or statements of account, so in the eyes of the law it is un-enforcable.... .. Little he
  5. I'll just call it all in all a bad day today....... I hope MKDP (AKA) Raven Recoveries go under...... To me they seem to be scraping the bottom of the trash bin now........
  6. I for one think it would be pointless then even seeking a CCJ they have no evidence to provide, no statement of accounts, no credit agreement, to me I would say this is very much a case closed, I'm sure a judge would laugh them out of court to be honest when he/she would see how much evidence I have regarding this matter. Like I say it's due to go Statute Barred in two months anyways, I wander if they come back next demanding payment again, what should I say next?
  7. Yes they do, but as this states they don't have the credit agreement and they can not even produce statements of account either, I've even stood by the fact that I have never acknowledged the debt to them or any other DCA previous to this, I'm not even going to worry about this now, as I say it's only 2 months till it goes Statute Barred so they won't be able to do anything, along with lack of evidence, I have plenty of always requesting copies of the CCA and always being told, "Sorry we can't get it" and then the debt being sold on to other DCA's it's starting
  8. Right, so they can still send court papers if they want to, what would a judge say when they can not provide a credit agreement, don't think they would have the bottle to do that as they don't have the evidence to back up their claim, plus the statute barred comes into play in September/october time. So then they won't be able to do a thing.
  9. Hello all. It has been a while I sent this email to MKDP LLP last week as the word from the horse's mout first direct states that I signed a Credit Agreement for a Managed Loan back in November 2002 I requested a copy of this from MKDP LLP back in March 2012, anyways here is the email I sent: Account in Dispute - Section 10 Notice Dear Sirs, Account No: ******/******** Ref No: *********** You have failed to respond to my legal request to supply me a true copy of the original Consumer Credit Agreement for the above account. On 20th Match 2012 I made a formal requ
  10. Ooppss......... Looks like I hit a very bad nerve with Debbie Jones @ MKDP LLP........... Thank you for your email. We do not believe that we can assist you any more than we have already done, and therefore ask that you direct any ongoing grievances in this matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. We will not enter into any further correspondence with you on these particular issues. With reference to your CPR 31.14 request, I am unsure of how this would relate to the above account as this is: Failure to file a budget and the CPR rules and regulations w
  11. So with this in mind of a "Money Managment Loan" which should be under the consumer credit act, how should I proceed?
  12. Which is what I asked them to do there is another account number which they said is the debt collection agency reference number but it isn't, so my thought is that this account number is the money managed loan account that there should have been a credit agreement for this in turn would be regulated under the consumer credit act 1974 would it not?
  13. MKDP phoned here today, I told them I was not going to discuss anything with them over the phone, the woman on the other end started getting aggravated and shouting her orders that they want full payment in 7 days......... Yeah right as if I'm going to pay you guys anything, have just spoken to the original creditor who advised that there was a debt on a Credit Card and in order to pay it off they opened a current account, I find that very hard to believe which in turn then had a debit balance on it.... ..... I have heard of Money Managed Loans but I have never hea
  14. Oh and by the way First Direct is a subsidary of HSBC so the on-line banking is totally different, and yes First Direct also do Credit Cards.. .. So to be fair they have already had an SAR request from me for information, they have failed to supply it... ... They have also had a CCA request and again failed to supply it, both First Direct and MKDP so really I aint going to bother requesting this information again.........
  15. I already did the SAR request to First Direct they advised they couldn't give me statements for the Bank Account as it was over 6 years ago, but funny enough they could get them for a credit card account that shows it was fully paid off...... Now don't you just find that a little strange? I have even gone to the Financial Ombudsman and they are looking into it also, i have explained this to MKDP and they said oh we have a list of credits on to the current account again which shows a nil balance so there was no debt........... They have been chasing me for the last 3 years and they re
  16. Yes And it wasn't with HSBC it was with First Direct and it wasn't overdrawn it was closed when the credit card got a default on it and the debt was for just over £1300 approx the same amount that this DCA is asking for, noe First Direct in their letter have stated this is nothing to do with a Bank Account and is to do with the Credit Card, funny thing is they can not get any statements for the bank account but they can for the credit card and the credit card statement in black and white clearly shows that there was a credit paid on to it in Decemeber 2002
  17. Haha, I have just had an email from a Debbie Jones now saying the following: Thank you for your email. I understand you believe this account to be settled. You have attached a First Direct statement showing a nil balance. The statement you have provided relates to a credit card account. The account held by MKDP LLP is not a credit card account, it is a current account with the account number ******/********. We have previously advised you that we have raised your concerns with HSBC and they do not have a record of an unresolved dispute on
  18. Ok I will do this again on Saturday, funny enough I have found some more old letters from other DCA's dating back to 2005 2006 and 2007 all of which were sent CCA request and they kept going back to me saying oh get in touch with the original creditor for this, I do have a lot of evidence to go by if this lot at MKDP take it further, I'll do that first thing on Monday and will be sending further info on this to the Financial Ombudsman as I also approched them and they have logged a complaint againt the dca and the original creditor I think I hav
  19. Funny thing is I have sent an SAR request to First Direct they came back with credit card statements funny enough but could'nt come up with bank account statements as they dont have them on file anymore, and all the time I hvae been telling MKDP via email all of which I have kept this Lauren Taylor keeps saying its a Bank Account so pay up....... Well I got enough evidence to take this to court now if I have to and I even copied one of her emails to me telling me so, now I think the tables have turned what do you think a Judge would say? Th
  20. OK guys again things have been quiet but have had a letter from Lauren Taylor from MKDP stating that they now again wnat me to make a payment arrangment, funny thing is I have had a letter from First Direct stating that this was nothing to do with a Current Account as MKDP advised but was to do with a Credit card Account that they sent me a copy of a statement for stating that there was a credit of 1370.00 paid on there back in November/December 2002 and the ballance showing as Nil..... ..... I have sent them MKDP an email yesterday and followed it up again today afte
  21. No that was a totally different matter this is to do with First Direct........ So like I say I don't know where to go with this from here........
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