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  1. My parents had a baliff visit from Ross & Roberts last week for 2 lots of Council Tax payments from 2001 and another from 2004. Is the 2001 *Statue Barred* like a credit card debt as such? Any help appreciated cheers
  2. Hi Guys its been quite since june but today i recieved the credit agreement for Burtons. 5 months after the original request ??? Any way its here and it loks genuine. Am i right in saying i now should send a SAR with £10 P/o to : Data Protection Administration GE Money PO Box 700 Leeds LS99 2BD As i know there must be charges on here. The card is for £500 my debt 900+ (can i claim back the charges + interest = clear the debt?) Also i have been sent a Topman agreement with a credit of £150 and a debt of 400+ Also of note. on the credit agreements i notice section 2 (ppi it is signed on the topman account - but not on the burtons) This is where i am lol
  3. thanks to all, will get a letter out today. will keep you posted
  4. Got a letter from BCW today : VISIT BY DEBT INVESTIGATION OFFICER Dear (me) Your agreed commitment to settle your outstanding account with Thames Credit Limited for £££ has been dishonoured. You were informed in our last corresponance of impending Court Action, as part of that process, we must advise you that authority has now been granted to proceed with a Personal Visitation by a Debt Investigation Officer at your home address. If your address is incorrect or if there is a particular time you wish the Officer to call we would ask yoto contact us immediately on 0871 700 1547. Has anyone got any suggestions?? As my other posts say i applied for a CCA and they sent me my postal order back and said my account has been put on hold and they have asked GE Money to provide me with th information directly - received nothing else till this - cancelled D/D as account is on hold. Letter dated 24june
  5. Im already with collections and they wont do anything for me as they have already passed it to debt recovery centre, they did say that the min loan payment they would accept is £110 a month which is obviously £100 too much, i apparently have to wait for the debt recovery centre to contact me and they may freeze intrest etc... Nightmare!! - my charges accumalted this month is already over £200 - they really are idiots, as i said i got nothing you cant have more than £10 and a court will look at my financies and award less, so why continue charging. no one listens!
  6. Until GE Capital or whatever they are called these days write to me with the Credit Agreement im not paying anything - as BCW said they have asked them to forward i directly. Also it was a £500 store card and yet the debt totaled £900+ so must have lots of charges.
  7. Im starting to get a bit confused with everything now..... 1. when i originally sent the prelim i listed the charges and the system added 8% from each charge date, did i do this correctly or should it just b the charge you claim at that stage? 2. they continue to charge me monthly £75 charge plus £5-£6 intrest - they've charged me once or twice since my opening letter can i add these charges on to what im asking for, and when? 3. Ive received my charges for the other 2 Lloyds Tsb closed accounts they total £577 in total - do i ask for my money back seperately for each account or can i just combine all? Sorry to ask so many questions - you offer to pay what you can and they say no oh and we will not stop charging you or freeze any intrest, just getting a little downhearted. I offered to pay £20 a month a few days ago to start paying of the current account - but they said its not worth it as its being sent to debt recovery and they will be cancelled.
  8. Cancelled DD - received nothing so far since the leter saying the account is on hold hopefully for along time
  9. Received letter today sayin there not excepting £10 a month also that they will not freeze intrest or charges etc... Until they receive money owed says will still receive letters until passed to there central debt recovery department. Anyone know what these people do?? I made another token payment today of £2 in current account and £2 in loan account. Any ideas?
  10. Had a collection alert, immediate payment required from LLoyds for a payment of 1043.80 loan arrears Had a phone call yesterday saying they are no excepting my £10 a month offer after i filled in a earnigs sheet (which was nothing) but i offered £10 anyway. Any ideas.. im guessing they will dispatch this to a DCA soon.
  11. Thanks guys. Will cancell the DD as you said if the accoun is on hold they shouldnt be tking pyments. I will wait the 12 + 2 and take it from there. The 1st payment i made was through debit card, can they take another as the DD will be cancelled? Cheers Guys
  12. update :- Got a letter from BCW today dated 6 June, they say in referance to your letter.... We do not hold copy credit agreements as we are not the creditor; however we have put your account on hold. We have asked your original creditor to forward you the information directly (they also returned my P/O £1) Anyone had this? also Direct Debit due in 10 day do i cancel this.
  13. Just gonna go and have a look see to find the letter Thanks for the input
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