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  1. :(Hi sorry to be a pain. Just wondering what my next step is! Can anyone give me some advice from here please. Getting in a panic now
  2. My husband has recieved paperwork of santander today. The opening letter told us there were things they couldnt provide us with: "we can confirm that we are unable to supply any details regarding the commisdions paid on the account as this is between santander consumer finance and the dealership. " "We are unable to provide underwriting notes but we can confirm when underwriting the finance proposal we base our decision on the customer's personal details and circumstances provided to us by the dealership and their credit history, which is logged with experian and equifax." Th
  3. Relating to above, at the very bottom of the Code Red letter in very small print is the following text:- Santander Consumer (UK) plc trading as Code Red Collection Services. Registered office: 3 Princess Way, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1SR. Registered in England number 2248870. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for General Insurance mediation activity. Please not if you live in Scotland a Decree for payment may be forced by way of an Earning Arrestment, Letters of Inhibitation or Sequestration and if you live in Northern Ireland a Decreefor payment may be enforced by A
  4. The phone number on the letter is 0845 848 8943
  5. Po box 224 leeds ls27 1dp No the letters dont have any of them things you have asked
  6. dear Postggj, sorry to bother you. My husband is recieveing more letters of the debt company demanding the money or they are taking him to court. I was just wondering if you are still doing us a letter. Sorry for being pushy, just i am keen to get the ball rolling. Thank you so much.
  7. Thank you so much!! Has anyone got a letter that i can send away to the company explaining all this. I really need to start getting the ball rolling. I am so happy!
  8. Hi everyone, First of all - BIG APOLOGIES!! I only have an internet phone, so it's a bit awkward seeing messages and keeping up to date. I've had to wait until my two babes have settled, before coming round to use parent's office computer. postggj - answers as follows:- 1) Amount of credit -£5,100 2) Total amount payable - £7,769.80 3) Agreement over 54mths 4) Acceptance Fee - blank on agreement 5) OPtion Fee - £299.00 payable with final payment. 6) APR - 15.1% 7) Cash price of vehicle (on the invoice from the garage) - £5,864.00* 8) Total cost of down payment and/o
  9. Sorry people your posts didnt show up before i worte my last one. Thats great thank you
  10. Does anyone know where i go from here then? If the contract is void how would i go about proving this? Thank you
  11. If the contract is void how do i go about getting this confermed. Does any one know where i go from here please. Any suggestions would be a great help thank you
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