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  1. thanks for all your help on this forum will send off these letters and see what happens next
  2. hi is there another letter for the original (dca)s to say account in dispute thanks
  3. thanks saint for the quick reply will send them off first thing recorded thanks again the_grinch
  4. hi everyone well a long time has passed and i have got noting from the (dca)s apart from its your last chance to settle and threats of court action Could anyone please tell me which would be the best letter to send them as i dont think they going to stop sending these threats thanks and i think one of the (dca)s has passed on the debt to another company will i have to cca them
  5. hello everybody well 30 days know up and only had one letter which arrived today from Fenton Cooper (tessera portolio management ltd) which says: We refer to your recent correspondence,the contents of which have been duly noted Our clients were unable to obtain the requested documentation.In view of this and previous payments to the account please contact our offices within the next 14 days to discuss your account please find enclosed your postal order for the sum of £1 so what does this really mean should i contact them? And what about the other (Dca)s ? Do i send any more letters etc ?
  6. thankyou again for all the help advice given i will post on here anything they try and pass off as a credit agreement is it not illegal to pass off something that is not what it is and do they just rely on people who dont know what they are doing and just pay
  7. well got a letter today from Hillesden dated 9 july saying almost same as other letter apart from If we are unable to forward a copy of the original agreement,we will be able to supply a true copy of the document which will comply with section 77-79 of the consumer act 1974. what does that mean they have a copy ?
  8. thanks i will be keeping my fingers crossed thanks for the advice will post anything that happens
  9. Thanks for quick reply I will do as you say and wait the 30 days is it likely they will come up with anything in the 30 days as they havent done so in the 12 days thanks
  10. just to update my thread have sent ccas to (dca)s and the 12 days (+2) has ended 30th june Hillesden securities have sent a letter today dated 10/07/08 saying account on hold and all further action suspended in anticipation of receiving the documents required and will update you in 21 days as for the other (dca)s nothing from them whatsoever so do i have to wait 30 days from the date of 30th june
  11. thanks pinky69 thanks you have answered all my questions i will post another thread if i have any problems which i know i will have with these (dca)s thanks again for everybodys help
  12. hi again when i send this cca to the debt agencies do i still carry on paying the monthly payments or do i stop
  13. hi pinky69 does this mean i cant send them a cca or s.a.r
  14. thanks scott for the help and advice will do this i have left all this for far too long now and need to sort them out thanks again
  15. thankyou saint for the quick reply i will do this send a cca to them do i use a template off this site to do this
  16. hi i hope someone can help me as i dont know what road to take with my debts. I have four (dca)s that i have had for well over 7 years phoenix amount £250 (catalouge) direct legal & collections £1540 (citifinancial) apex £2600 had a lease van and didnt maintain payments so took the van off me and give me a bill (capital bank) fenton cooper rockwell £3500 (barclays loan) on and off over the years i have paid monthly amounts on all acounts. Roughly 2 years ago i got a call from chase saunders who said they would handle my debts stop the letters phone calls etc so for peace of mind i did. But last week i decieded things werent getting paid off any quicker and was still getting letters saying i need to review my payment amounts So i told chase saunders not to bother anymore will do it myself In the mean while i have been on this website and seen that debts over 6 years can be void So any advice on what i should do be greatful do i contact these (dca)s and sort out payments or do i send them letters and found out if the debt is enforceable thanks
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