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  1. Update: I have contacted the court and have been told that the defendant has deceased, now do I apply for a judgement or?? please tell me which direction to take from here as I am lost now his house is also on sale can I take action on that?
  2. Could please someone guide me how to put the words right on the claim form, I mean how shall I put my claim forward I need the right wordings please, I would really appropriate this thank you
  3. So sorry to read this I feel very lucky to get away from Car Craft I was going to buy a car from them last year, and when I had a test drive on a zafira the engine management light come on, and the salesman said oh it's a new car and has not been driven and will sort it out??? Yeah right I've heard that one before. I will make sure I avoid this place I wish you all the luck hun
  4. I paid him cash £500.00 and he's given me a receipt hand written plus I have text messages from him as evidence were it is clear that he was doing the morgage for me.
  5. Thank you do much for your fast response I looked online and the fee was £80.00 MOC website I may be wrong £30.00 is worth it, also his bungalow is up for sale so my plan is to get him to pay if not then put an order on his house, fingers crossed. Whats the price & time of letters? What can I charge him on total? I don't want to make a fool of my self in front of the judge and also the house belongs to him his wife told me, it's first time I'm taking someone to court thank you sir
  6. Hello everyone I hope this is the right part of the form I am posting in, I am seeking some help and advise. In January 2012 I approached a high street mortgage broker and asked him if he could secure a mortgage in the house that I live in as my landlord wants to sell the house. So this mortgage adviser showed me all the deals he had, he was offering packages that you pay a one off fee and that covers the solicitor costs and the survey fee and brokers cost. I went for the deal and paid £500.00, plus I handed him all my personal information, about 3 weeks later I called him up t
  7. Your Letter Reference : xxxxxx Account No : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Re: my request under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 - Account now in dispute Thank you for your recent letter dated 11.01.0, the contents of which are noted. I appreciate your quick response to my original letter. However, I have now been advised by a debt charity who are helping me with my debts that the reply received by me does not fulfil your requirements under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The Act demands that I be supplied with a true copy of any properly executed credit agreement that exists in relation to the a
  8. Nope I have not offed them anything till I get the right advice from this form Guru I need to clean up my credit file once I have the account settled then yes I can chase them for charges.
  9. Hi sorry for the late reply I've not been online as much, as I have 2 jobs now. The progress with HSBC slow just received this from them today morning THIS IS A DEFAULT NOTICE SERVED UNDER SECTION 87 (1) OF THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974. Guy's it may sound silly but can I just fire off a letter to them offering them a 50% full and final settlement letter? I just don't want to be playing tennis anymore with HSBC. Its xmas soon so they may accept the offer? lol
  10. Update: 30 Sep 2011 We attended the court and gave evidence, the taxi driver did not have a solicitor and argued to represent him own self, were he made a fool out of himself by using some unappropriate words. After lunch time we went back and was informed that the taxi driver has put in his guilty plea:!: This is what he got Court Fine £1,500 Court costs £1,500 Plus 8 points on his driving licence (he already had 3, so it makes it 11 points) and his taxi licence is revoked! A big thanks you to you all who supported me at such a difficult time, and this really does mean a
  11. Update: 27 Sep 2011 Just been contacted by the Leeds City Council to attend court on this Friday to give witness evidence. My Insurance have closed the case, the fraud team have been very helpful, I will update you guys on Friday do wish me luck.
  12. Your right I have not done it, but will start doing it today, but seriously its not going to make a big difference
  13. Hi ims21 yes it would come to about £500,00 with interest (I guess) what would be the next option please, this is stressful
  14. Hi ims you are correct, I did a SAR in 2007 this is how I know I have charges on the account, but even with claiming them back they would not be more then £500.00, and I own 8k on this account. I wish I could make time go back, I would have never used credit cards.
  15. Thanks for the response I have looked at the account I don't have PPI only late payment charges, I was thinking can I offer them a full and final payment and move on as I can get to borrow some money from family, I am not avoiding the debt but as my circumstance are its just so hard to make small payments on the account that is going towards the interest.
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