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  1. Would it not be safe to open the door ??. It's clear they are after someone else who have since moved or are they that unscrupulous.
  2. Well folks been a new development, Had a phone call yesterday from the pond life asking for my wifes date of birth ETC, she refused and they put the phone down. Nothing else. Recieved post today and a damaged/post office opened letter within our post, to the previous tennants of this house informing us/them that court bailifs are coming next thursday to take goods, Its is obviously the old tennants they are after (We bought from the landlord) how should i handle this ??? I would love to wind them up.
  3. Thanks Babybear, I wasnt sure if the letters had crossed in the post but it does seem unlikely
  4. Well folks we got another letter today From Fredericksons :i quote Dear Mrs Debtor Despite a recent letter from our solicitors Bryan Cretin (Sic) & Co you have failed to discharge your debt with our client The Carphone Warehouse Ltd. We are prepared to offer you one final opportunity to pay before instructing our solicitors to issue a claim at THE WRONG ADDRESS At this late stage and as a guesture of goodwill we are prepared to accepy a full and final settlement on this account provided that you contact us on XXXXXXXZXXXX within 48 hours of receipt of this letter. Fred Dicks son Int Ltd Post office cannot confirm delivery of my registered letter at the moment but another letter i posted the same day arrived two days ago. Is this a trick because they know what the letter to Bryan Cretin contains ?
  5. You folks are superb at what you do, dont ever give up!!!. Ive heard nothing yet from the pond life (why was the title of my thread changed LOL ) Will keep you posted
  6. postggj, its comforting to know your not alone in these matters, i hope you sort it out with them. Thanks for all your advice folks i have posted a letter (Registered) and will see what happens next.
  7. Thanks for all your help so far folks. Update a new letter today saying we have 7 day to pay or it will go to court. Is there not a standard template letter for this im pretty useless when it comes to putting words to paper.
  8. Thanks Martin but im afraid i have no proof of phonecalls from them we just refused to answer their security questions. Think i mahy have confused matters slightly, the debt my wife started to pay was an old one which had been paid many years ago it has nothing to do with this present threatogram
  9. Thanks for the quick response Sparkles. The wife does tend to panic over these things, last time this happened she started to pay it till i dug out the reciept and forwarded it to the DCAs. Never got a refund tho.
  10. Hi all, recently we have been recieving phone calls and after refusing to give security info have had abuse down the phone and the caller then hanging up. Today we recieved a bill from a Bryan Carter solicitors saying that on behalf of Fredericksons we owe Carphone warehouse £63.37 but with additional charges its now £128.00 now this bill was sent to my mothers address and not ours. Also the original final bill for Carphone warehouse was £90.00 which was paid in december of last year. After taking the day off work today i finally unearthed the bill and the receipt for this. This reciept does state that it is for the full amount we owe after changing providers last august. Im now out of pocket by a day's work and am extremely angry that these cretins can just invent figures from a magic hat and declare we owe them money. Is there a template letter that i can use to inform them we do not owe this money and they should be paying me for my day off to find my paperwork, after all i am doing their job for them. Please help
  11. Yes mate it is repairable, i have done literally hundreds:) Probably about £20 quid from a reputable shop Hope this helps.
  12. I just want to say hello to all the super members of this group. I stumbled on this site by accident yesterday and was so fascinated by all the fantastic help and advice i was glued to my screen all night. My wife and i are currently recieving calls and pseudo threatening letters for court action for a bill which we know has been paid, this has happened several times before and i am now so sick of having to do their jobs for them i fully intend to be as unhelpful as i can be in solving this matter. As i said earlier I know this bill has been paid and i can prove it but why should i use my valuable time when they can't even send a polite letter, Oh and when i called them and the receptionist asked me if i could prove who i was i looked into a mirror and stated YEP THATS ME ALRIGHT she put the phone down !!!!. Anyway once again fantastic forum and keep up the good work.
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