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  1. make sure you ask each and every utility supplier if there is an investigation against your name OR your address. cover all the bases. insist (nicely) on clear written answers and in a timely fashion.

    if there has been switching of utility suppliers write to the past ones as well the present.


    It may be some billing system error on the part of a utility - but we just don't know.




    only one thing I know for sure: we are living on the present address for over a year, didn't switch supplier and paid every time, on time.


    so, I guess this isn't related to the parking [problem]...is it?

  2. Hi, I'm new to this site.

    My wife recently received a PCN by post, she allegedly overstayed in a 'up to 75 minutes free' carpark by 16minutes.

    £150 (75 if paid within 14days) is a lot of money, considering that they didn't lose income.

    I read through these threads, and decided not to respond.

    But today we received a letter from LCS Civil Enforcement (tradding style of 1st locate (UK) ltd.). They launching a utility investigation on the address asking the owner/occupier loads of questions. Somehow I feel I don't have to reply, but I'm not sure, becasue I've never come across any of this being mentioned on this forum.


    Could anyone provide me iformation or guidance on this matter?


    It'd be greatly appreciated.



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