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  1. thx. only one thing I know for sure: we are living on the present address for over a year, didn't switch supplier and paid every time, on time. so, I guess this isn't related to the parking [problem]...is it?
  2. ok. thx. i might be a rookie here, what is SAE?
  3. I uploaded the two pictures of these documents. http://redsultan.uw.hu/pcn/pcn.jpg http://redsultan.uw.hu/pcn/ui.jpg
  4. well, the batteries are being charged...then I'll take some photos (PCN and the latter one).
  5. I thought the same, but needed some assurance.
  6. ok, thx. i think i will go for option number2
  7. Well, we received one, and yep, we parked in a KFC car park too, in Sheffield... Overparked by 16mins, however we were customers eating on Zinger meals...
  8. no, i haven't contacted them yet. they only gave me their premium call phone number (surprise, surpriese) i will take the photos later on...
  9. It was a privatly owned car park, I guess (KFC restaurant in Sheffield). The most disgusting thing about it, we were customers and having our meals inside - for goodness' sake- not for 75 mins, but 91mins...
  10. Hi, I'm new to this site. My wife recently received a PCN by post, she allegedly overstayed in a 'up to 75 minutes free' carpark by 16minutes. £150 (75 if paid within 14days) is a lot of money, considering that they didn't lose income. I read through these threads, and decided not to respond. But today we received a letter from LCS Civil Enforcement (tradding style of 1st locate (UK) ltd.). They launching a utility investigation on the address asking the owner/occupier loads of questions. Somehow I feel I don't have to reply, but I'm not sure, becasue I've never come across any of this
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