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  1. Well my money went in the bank so all seems ok, Got my dwp meeting tomorrow so I'll see what that's about. Thanks.
  2. Well to update this, had a phone call 30 minutes ago from reception, another doctor has decided he will do it, then 5 minutes ago, another call, he's changed his mind and now will not do it, so I have to wait till Monday for original doctor to do it. How does the world keep spinning?
  3. Having a mare now, 2 phone calls to the doctors, my wife's been down twice, now I've got to wait till Monday
  4. Thanks for reply, the overlapping sounds about right, like when I did mot's, you can't predate them but nothing to stop you doing another before that one runs out, I'll ring the doctors again! Yes looking at the letter it does say, "customer compliance". Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm appealing ESA and have had a letter saying the sick note is about to run out and need to send a new one before the 20th, but my doctor says they can't issue another till the old one runs out on the 20th, so it will be impossible to get it there on time, do they stop payment on the day they say, or will they give it a few days? Also the DWP have arranged to see me saying they need to check my benefit claims, but they never mentioned ESA, and when I asked what it was about they just said it's to check the information they have and maybe something else, if it was about my ESA appeal would they have to say, or could it be they are just checking the information they have. Thanks.
  6. Update: Had the phone call to say I've failed! Sounded like a young lad on the phone, he asked if I thought anything should affect the decision, it's hard to think when you're caught out with a phone call, so I said a couple of things and for both he had to go and ask a colleague, so I thought he's not very clued up for someone making such a big decision. Anyway it still was a no, so he said I could claim jsa or appeal the decision, I said I would appeal, so he said he'd send the info and I'd have 1 month to appeal in writing. So what's the process when I get the bumf, he said I'd need a doctors report, does everything come with what they send out? Thanks.
  7. Hi, not had a result yet, is it normal for it to take months rather than the 2 weeks I was told. Thanks.
  8. Yes ok, anyone can google, have you ever worked on a car for a living?
  9. heliosuk, I'm unsure why you say no play is acceptable, you seem to know about motor vehicles, but every mechanic knows taper bearings must have play in them.
  10. I never signed anything, the doctor just said I'll get the result in about 2 weeks, I can ask for a copy of the report then.
  11. I've had my visit, very polite doctor but what she wrote I don't know. Do I just wait for the verdict now and complain if I disagree with the result. Thanks.
  12. Cheers for the replies, with it being a doctor and talk of esa medicals, I just wondered what they would be doing, I never mentioned anything about home visit, or being unable to get to an assessement centre, I would have to use my wheelchair most likely but that doesn't say I couldn't get there, What are the descriptors? Thanks.
  13. Hi all, I filled the esa form in a few weeks back, got a letter back saying I'm having a home visit by a doctor. So I'd like to ask a few questions on what'll happen, firstly I never asked for a home visit, is it dependant on what your disability is? The letter doesn't mention "medical", it says appointment and assessment, it also says a doctor will be arriving, it names the dr and gives a time, what will this dr do? Should I ask for identification/qualification. Anything alse I should know, seems strange after seeing my gp, doctors, surgeons, professors at the hospital, that they need to send a doctor, what does this doctor know that the others don't. Thanks.
  14. I don't know the law but I would expect you could get a refund, some if not all, if it's found to be another fault. From your description of the fault I would be looking for a stiff/worn joint, it could be: bottom ball joint, track rod end, suspension top joint, steering coupling/uj, "the rack", I would also check: wheel bearings, binding caliper/pads, I would also check wheels/tyres, as this is a 172, does it have sporty wheels/tyres? Are they original spec.
  15. I don't see why you're all against the garage when all we know about the job is, it's an eight year old diesel car with 70k miles, that has overheated. I don't know this engine and havn't worked for several years, but I've over 30 years in the motor trade. 1) 8 hours for this job seems very reasonable 2) The head obviously had to go to a machinist to be skimmed, and possibly more. 3&4) I've know a few engines where the head gasket has to be bought seperate from the head set. 5-12) all seem ok 13) poly v belt 14) seems a bit high but don't know what was needed or costs. 15) poly v belt tensioner, seems expensive but if that's the dealer price nothing to be done. I'd be interested for any mechanics to show where this is way out, like the timing gear cockup, or the time taken to do the job. I'm not saying it's all ok but it doesn't seem to over the top.
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