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  1. thanks for your reply i ve wrote a letter this morning saying I am acting on behalf of the name person on there account (but did not say it was my son ) , I told them to get lost as they can`t prove the debt ,also I said I know they have no legal rights .as there is no debt we have also found the last statement from sky and the cancelation letter saying account balance is£0.00 so let see what they say xxsrhbit
  2. only £ 25.. but when sky said it was paid we thought that was it x
  3. hi just wonder if any one has dealt with SCOTTCALL based in Glasgow my son and daughter in law have had a couple of letters from them demanding money they are saying its a sky TV debt they cancel sky in may //June because of bad service and were told over the phone the account was closed but scottcall are saying they owe them I've sent scott call a letter but not heard back just wonder if any one knew about them thanks srhbit
  4. hi just to update you all had a letter today from the police saying i have 2 options 1.. speed awareness course 2 .. £60 and 3 pionts i am going to book the course i think i got of lightly with that thanks for all your help and advice sarah xx
  5. hi ye same as what my mate told me its just annoying me its taking so long to sort out but thanks any way xxx
  6. hi artnap thanks for your reply the green ticket is a traffic offence report isued by greater manchester police offence code 210 excessive speed speed i was doing was 42 mph in a 30 mph zone there is no no to phone them on so i just going to leave it and see what happend
  7. ye it was a cop in full uniform and car they sit on that ally alot with the guns at the ready
  8. hi , i was caught speeding on the 30. jan 13 by a copper who hid in a side ally with a speed gun ,i was stoped by him and given the green ticket when he took my details ,i have not heard anything of them how long is it before i hear of them. can any one advise me .thankyou
  9. theres a parcel delivery [problem] in the manchester area at the moment someone is putting a card through your door from a company called P.D.S saying they have a parcel for you and to call a 0901 phone no but all you get is a recorded message and a big phone bill it could be happening in other areas so please dont call as its a con thankyou srhbit
  10. i had a simler one when i rang they wanted to know if i wanted a loan so now i just leave it
  11. just read your up date is there other people in the street /road you can talk to and get a letter for him to read ie if there a old person who need medical treat ment ie 24 hour nurse or disable person with walking difficulty i know the next bit is differant but it might help you on what i mean ( my mother in law was in need of 24 hour care when she was alive and me and her daughter went to some houses and said please dont park there as of the lack of space and they were ok with us we also put a note up asking people not to park ) but i would try the concil again or the local m.p. xxsarah
  12. hi have you tried the local council trading standerd as they might help
  13. hi thanks for all your replys i rung the tax office this morn (sat) and gess what they made a mistake i should be on the basic tax code for 2010/2011. so they said they change it and send a new letter out i found out that the 0t code is if people who have used all there tax alowance or students so it means that you pay tax on the full amount that you earn in one year thanks srhbit xxx
  14. hello i have just recived a letter with my tax code for 2010/2011 and it says my tax code will be` OT` can any one help me understand this as i am working and on about £10,000 ( TEN GRAND PER YEAR ) full time paid monthly my tax code for this year is 674L i tryed the hm customs income tax web sight but can`t find out why its changed thanks srhbit
  15. iam not good at typing or spelling and keep catching the wrong buttons on the laptop
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