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  1. If the trees are in a neighbours garden and are hanging over the fence into yours,you are within your rights to cut those branches off,but by law you have to offer the branches back to the neighbour. I'd be tempted to write to the landlord about the trees at the bottom of the garden and say he has 7 days to prune them or you will get it done and deduct it from the rent.
  2. yes it is a civil matter,ive had the same problem with my landlord,who then gave me notice to leave the property. I changed my locks to stop him doing it,my solicitor said i was within my rights to do so.
  3. i had problems like this from my landlord, i rang him and told him if he did it once more i would seel legal advice,which i did. H e was sent a letter telling the do's and dont's,,whuch then 2 days later he gave me notice to leave,of which im still here 2 mths on,and the house is now being reposessed as hes not paying the mortgage on it.
  4. Does any one have any expreince of being checked thro this company for letting agents?
  5. this is a bit long will try to make it clear. ive been renting a property privately for a year,have recently found out that the landlord hasnt been paying mirgtage and the property is being repossesed in jan. I was supposed to move into another flat that was owned by a friend of a friend since then the pserson that owens the flat has had a breakdown and is in hospital,his x wife to be has done everything she can to delay me moving in,including having secruity shutters around the building. Know one seems to know when he will be out of hospital so im being forced to look elsewhere as i dont have much time left. Im viewing a flat tomorrow via an estate agents and im now panicking over the checks they will do,as im no where squeaky clean,does any one know what checks gets run? Im now in the process of suing what was going to be my new land lord,for breach of contract,and stress. Hvae seen a dr and been told i have depression and anxiety,but im just so worried about this checks that they do. Any one help on this one please?
  6. Its a shame your friend is considering not staying in childcare,the other employees shouldnt even know about your friends depression,the employer should keep it as confidential info,so they have no worries there. Just because your friend has had or has depression doesnt mean they are not normal,whats normal any way?
  7. hi, ive worked in the care industry for 9yrs,have also informed 2 employers,one past and one present that ive suffered from depression,i also gave permission for medical records to be viewed if need be. to my knowledge they havent contacted my doctor over this,so i dont think your friend would have a aproblem,she or he can also restrict what information is given from the dr to their employer.
  8. i have just recieved a phone call from my employers,to tell me that everyone who is currently on weekly pay will be swapped over to monthly,have been given just over a weeks notice for this. She said the account is complaining that too many people are being paid weekly,and it takes up to much time to process. Can they do this by only giving us 8 days notice?
  9. Thanks alanalana im looking at claiming back ppi from a former hp comapny in respect of car finance which was setled just over 2yrs ago,and also reclaiming bank charges from my bank.
  10. Hi all newish here,i was wondering if there was a time limit when claiming back PPI from companys? many thanks
  11. hi new here and need some help with my bank,not sure where to post it as my bank have frozen my account which is in credit and i need the money like now to pay bills
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