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  1. please i need more help this catalogue company phoned me again and we arranged that i shoud pay them £20.00 every 4 weeks and for me to make a one of payment of £43.00 added to the account and they would stop the sevice charges of £12.00 per month so i agreed i paid them the £20.00 on the 4th nov and now they sent me a letter saying they want another payment by the 28th november else they are going to say i defaulted on my payments can you please advise
  2. thankyou for your help and quick response i will send this straight away , it is so good to have some one to talk to help with the information i need thank you
  3. I hope you can advise me furtheri have recieved a letter back this morning after writing to Shop Direct Finance Company Limited for a copy of the credit agreement signed by me and what the money they say i owe is for, i sent them a £1.00 cheque with it. how ever this is the reply i got:- we refer to a recent request for a copy of your agreement. Unfortunately we are unable to locate a copy of an executed agreement,but for your information we enclose a copy of the current agreement which applied to this type of account. This version includes all contractual variations which have taken place. According to our records,the account was opened on 11/04/2005. You agreed to make payments every 28 days. The outstanding balance £251.74. Our records show that £0.00 in payments have been made within the last 12 months. If a third party is acting for you, please pass a copy of this letterto your representative. ther is no name, no dates no nothing on this agreement it says it is a fixed loan agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974, could you please advise me what i shoud do now thankyou
  4. i have had the account about 8 mnth and i opened it on line and i didnt fill in any forms, sorry i forgot the company is fifty plus. im paying them £20 a month at the moment
  5. thankyou for answering my question, the account is still running but when i had to give up work about 4 month ago i had to reduce my payment as i couldnt afford the full payment i owe them about £550 but they keep adding charges on each month and now they want me to pay £169 to bring my payments upto dateof which i dont have, and its them that are ringing me
  6. please please will you give me advise really worried
  7. i have been in touch with my catalogue and they refuse to lower or freeze the service charges, or accept a reduced payment can you advise me what else i can do, i asked about claiming my service charges and was told that only works with the bank charges
  8. Thank you so much for all it is a great help your information, i did inform them, but they are still charging me,and when i first ordered the goods it was on line.Ishall get a letter of to them straight away and see what they say thankyou
  9. can you please tell me if the service charges are legal on catalogue repayments, i am paying them each month for goods, but i had to finish work because of servere illness, so i had to send what i can afford each month, because of this they are charging me about £11.50 a monthservice charges, ill never get it paid of at this rate can you please advise mee thank you
  10. thank you for your reply and quick response and help but can i do this even if they have my maiden name
  11. please can you help i recieved a letter this morning of which says--- as you will be aware from previous correspondence (of which there has been none) this debt has been assigned to phoenix recoveries (uk)limited s.a.r.i. acting in the name and on behalf of its compartment''''sdfs recoveries'' and we are the agents appointed to manage the debt on their behalf. Under the consumer credit act 1974 you are entitled to recieve an annual statement showing transactions on the account and the details are set out on the accompanying statement. Thats about the gist of it any way the ammount is for £251.00 the accompanying statement states------------- Annual statement for the period 1 october2008-30 september 2009 opening balance £251.74 closing balance £251.74 that is the statement but the point is i dont know anything about this money apparently it was from shop direct abound which ive never heard of i remarried 3 years ago and havent used that name since which was my maiden name the letter was sent from:--- Credit Account Mannagement Ltd Po Box 669 Waybridge Surrey KT13 3FJ WOULD BE VERY GRATE FUL IF YOU CAN ADVISE ME WHAT TO DO i am really worried it was quite a shock when i got the letter i am disabled and cant pay this type of money and dont see why i should. thank you paula
  12. hi every one thanks for your advise i didnt expect such quick response and so many lol. I sent a letter to them yesterday saying........ Dear sir or madam I am writing to you regarding your letter dated 27th May 2008. On the 29th April 2008 I sent you a letter regarding this matter, of which I have enclosed another copy for your attention. You will not be receiving any payments from myself until this dispute is resolved. If I find that my first letter has been ignored and that this covering letter is also ignored then there is no doubt in my mind I will be pursuing this matter further. Please be aware that when a debt is in dispute it has either to be passed back to the original creditor or any further action halted. This will be my final letter to you. Failure to take heed of the contents of the letter I have sent you will be at your own cost. You will receive no further warnings. of which i sent recorded delivery . so do you think i should wait and see if i get any response first THANKS PAULA
  13. hi everyone im new here can anyone give me some advise i keep getting final demands from buchananclark+wells for a debt that i know nothing about they say its for someone called scotcall limited which i know nothing about either. i have been sending letters asking what this debt is and for them to send me cpies but they choose to ignore them and keep sending final demands the last one now says they are taking me to court what else can i do paula
  14. Hi everyone can some one give me some advice i recieved a final demand a few weeks ago from buchananclark+wells saying i had a outstanding debt of 917 pounds to a scotcall limited that i have never heard of , and i know i dont have any debt. So i wrote to them saying that i would like evidence that i owe this money and who scotcall is. But i recieved another letter this morning saying they are taking me to court,this is worrying me sick i dont know what else to do, can anyone advise me please
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