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  1. Not really i have a sound record except the one blemish on it otherwise ok.
  2. Except that I am on final warning notice when in early this year was involved on incident. Since then all good. But final warning stays in record for 12 mths. I get along n look up to him but he looks down on me I suspect bcz I do not fit the image he prefers. Yes he can interview but surely he knows better the problems it will create as other officers not fond of him as well. I feel all my work count to nothing sometimes. Obviously very much affecting my health, stress levels high. Some time just feel quitting. Depression ssets in, not good. I am privately seeking counselling
  3. Position has become available again, boss has shown no interest in his body language or attempted to inform me about it. Question is should I apply for the 4th time. Had a brief chat with him but he has not send me right signals. Furthermore he interviewed previous as assist security mgr who caused lot of grievance to me. He has been dismissed twice from his last two jobs since leaving us for suspicious reasons. Even then he gets interviewed. Honestly and I been working honestly and hard for nearly 9 years.
  4. Yes I think previous assistant mgr imposed himself on me, and both may have created negative environment around me. I feel I was played while they were grooming the junior guy for the position. I was never under considered. Guy who got the job is 16 yrs younger and over year and a half junior to me in dept. If it wasn't for my mortgage I would have left the job. In future I will make sure I will not suffer in silence, keep good records and trust no one. I don't think new asst mgr will give me problems as we relieved each other on shift and he never liked previous asst mgr as well. Is i
  5. Yes I have spoken with ACAS and they provided me some advice, thats all. Don't think how they can really help me. My levels of physical and mental stress levels have increased that's why i had to make appointment with my GP who has offered me to forward me for counselling, but i wait for GP reply after completing a form GP gave me. My concern is if i write greviance letter then will that go against me in future, should i just shut up and get on with it, time is a great healer. Having said that this will be hard for me, my conscious may not allow it. How can employment lawyer help me
  6. What are my options and my actions should be. Obviously i am very hurt and stressed about me not getting the position after applying three times.
  7. The thing is I avoid arguments but the ex asst was always confrontational towards me. They supported him all the way. But they can't support me. Whenever sometime I reported his conduct towards me, boss mostly was not interested. I say it again AM was played against me since boss knew he had some beef against me and agenda to get rid of me. And he tried exercising his power on me and another team member who left after 1 year bcz of him with some compensation. He was not good but protected. But boss by playing this game stabbed me in the back. Now even if continue things will not be same, and l
  8. BTW when I had a similar application turned down 2 years ago, I put it through this forum, but couldn't find s link to it. In that case also boss never considered it seriously.
  9. Obviously I am feel ill treated, as I have worked over 5 years sincerely and hard, expressed my interest in the assistant manager position 3 times. I had a real chance and be and boss made a mockery of it. So what r my options, don't wanna leave company. Can I apply for a appeal? Should I write a formal complain leter, approach employment agency how I have been treated, ACAS maybe. How would u guys approach it.
  10. I now strongly believe they did not wanted me to move one up. They had been creating things up in the last year or so or creating conditions for me to argue. the ex-assistant security manager was particularly nasty to me and i think he was used to put far more pressure on me than the other officers. He would always blame me, his attitude was aggressive towards me one or two times phsically as well and he just did not like me, some kind of prejiduce. But he has left the company for a better position. In my five years this position has come along every two years. The boss knows that and i
  11. I did but don't know why, but here you go; I have been with this company for over 5 years. The story is this that a position came up in my dept to move up. I have applied for this position two times before. It took me time to apply, as my boss always had reservations about me or created one, made one up i thought. But i was very interested in the position, in doing well. When the interview came boss was accompanied by HR officer who was just taking notes. They both came about 15 minutes late. The thing that really annoyed me and why i think this was fixed and already decided i
  12. I have been with this company for over 5 years. The story is this that a position came up in my dept to move up. I have applied for this position two times before. It took me time to apply, as my boss was never likely to give me this position i thought. But i was very interested in the position, in doing well. When the interview came boss was accompanied by HR officer who was just taking notes. They both came about 15 minutes late. The thing that really annoyed me and why i think this was fixed and already decided is that from the very start the boss starting having a go at me, particalrly
  13. I have recently experienced lots of stress at work. Even during my 12 days holiday, i felt under stress and could not relax well. This is probably because my assistant manager is giveing me hard time at work. I have over 3.5 years service at my job. I feel victimised and feels harrassed now and then. I am very laid back and easy going person and have yet to file a complain to my manager who is also his manager cause we work in same dept. I am not the only officer who he has problems with, his attitude is not right and shouts a lot, is suspicious of our work we don't do enough or cannot be re
  14. first of all i have the SIA door supervisor badge that is level 2 and was renewed recently with my employer paying the fees. I also wish to get the level 3 sometime soon Close protection. I believe the course has relevence to my work and will keep me motivated and with the same company. It benefits the organisation also after completing it i will have the knowledge and skills to develop new proceedures and systems. The dissertation, final project may be work based. The fact that I can fit this with my work also to be considered since i work 4 on/off rota. It ideally complement my work and
  15. Ok, thats very kind of you. Basically i work as a security officer in central london for a 5 star hotel. I have been there for what will be 3 years this march. I have a BSc (hons) degree in internet computing (2.1) gained in 2003. I have seen this course called Masters in Risk and Security management that is 2 years distance learning enabling to continue my job. My job is on 4 days or nights on/off. I think i can fit the course I think it will be a challenge but I would like to take it on if i can secure my employer to support me. thanks for your offer on writing once again and i
  16. Does anyone have example of business case for seeking support for Msc, I would much appreciate any one has some form of template for this. This would help me immensly to get started preparing my case to my employer.
  17. I have been working for nearly 3 years at my current place. I really would like to do MSc distance learning way while i am working. my question is how can i convince my manager to sponsor and fund me to do complete a MSc. I have seen a particular MSc degree that is also relevent to my work. I really would like help in how to go about securing funding from my employer. Would anyone have experience in tis particulalry thoes who have had success in convincving their employers to fund their Masters. I have heard that all employee over certain period of time has grant they can secur
  18. Well HR said he will take it to the next stage which means sit down with my manager before he tells me the outcome. i have to make my own meeting with manager when he comes back.
  19. Update: I have'nt had a chance to talk to my manager after the HR interview, he has gone in holidays till mid-july. Since giving him my letter of application he has acknowedged my application but get the feeling he rather not talk about it. I also suspect the replacement for the position might already have been found since begining of june, i know this because i read this in a minutes of a meeting of head of depts beginning june. And i think i aplied in second week of june, though the negative feedback from manager would have before or in begining of june. So any take on this, offcours
  20. Ok, i will contact manager tommorow to make an appointment with him later in the afternoon. The fact is that how do i prove his comments and is it advisable to raise any grievience over his comment since the last thing i want to do his disturb our working relationship and manager may take it wrongly if i was to convey my grievience to hr and he finds out. also is it advisable to have voice recorder for future and use that evidence if in future i get any **** from anybody i.e discriminatory remarks, etc.
  21. First of all, thanks you for all the feedback, they have been fantastic and given me confidence. Interview with HR manager yersterday went well i thought, was bit casual interview not very formal, good half an our chat with hr manager. He said next he will get feedback from my manager and then perhaps set up another interview with another manager i.e operations. Just wanna add, i have not discussed with my manager since i gave him my letter just mentioned to him yesterday i had one-to-one with HR. Do you think now its the right time to ask my manager for appointment to show him why i am ca
  22. Any last minutes advice much appreciated since i am scheduled for meeting with HR tommorow. thanks for all the feedback so far.
  23. Just an update, i listen to last post, and made my application despite been put off initially by giving the manager my letter application of interest. He has come back to me with a reply that it has been forwarded to HR and they will see you for that. Any ideas how to move forward now. In HR should i raise my grieviennce on manager's remark early on.
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