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  1. You're probably right on this DB, but it aint worth panicking about 'till / if it happens, so best everyone just enjoys the time of year and what will be will be.
  2. I noticed that hillards when I requested mine too. Strange eh:eek:
  3. YouTube - judge judy drink drive plaintiff surveillance neighbor Car FUNNY Judge J scores again! (which can be more than said about the West Ham strikers)
  4. I would S.A.R. the credit card companies also if you believe that there are unlawful charges on your account
  5. The CCA sounds like a good start. You should at least always make sure that they are entitled to collect the debt. Regarding the DD mandate, providing that AIC have already put their originator reference on it etc; I would send it direct to your bank (depending on the CCA) and not theirs!
  6. Nothing compared to some of you old'ns and certainly nowhere near the amount of posts on Mr T's thread, BUT, here's to my post 300 and hopefully some people helped along the way. This seemed the right place to put this personal monumental achievement
  7. After you've read about the S.A.R. Mark, pm Scott above and take up his offer of a name change:)
  8. Nothing to add here really except to say that ODC and IdaInFife as usual have given sound advice so just follow there lead for now.
  9. Bar point 7 that's just fine and as 42man has said, yes to the £1 p.o.
  10. Now now Fred B, I bet you're just watching the footie.......
  11. Hi there one-sock. A mobile phone is not covered under the CCA 1974 Act as it is a service agreement and not a credit agreement. Personally, I'd offer them 1p in full and final settlement
  12. Strewth guys, have managed to catch up again at last GM, I think a few days ago you really lost it! I was totally bamboozled trying to follow you! Then the rest of you with time machines and ebay purchases of strange flying things and so forth? sounds a bit like West Ham winning the premiership this year somehow And of course fuzzybobble, love the new DILLIGAF video. VD, fine words, as with many more of you too. Too all you unknown friends, hi, good to be back........
  13. I guess mak71 that a S.A.R. would probably be truer as it's from the OC and not the DCA so if they have sold the debt on this will show you exactly how the debt has been arrived at. It still does not prove to you though that any DCA requesting payment from you actually has the right to. If a true signed copy of the original CCA is not provided, than all debt collection activities should cease. My guess here is that any DCA with the correct paperwork to enforce a debt would provide it when requested and those that don't probably don't have a leg to stand on!!
  14. No probs fuzzy, I intend to do just that. I still have the old DILLIGAF on my desktop so look forward to that one too!
  15. Hi there Hammy, if they have not bought the debt but are merely an agent for the OC then maybe you should request the CCA from the OC? Failing that, if they claim to have bought the debt, a non compliance letter would be just great.
  16. Woooooo Hooooooo, I'm back! Only 3 weeks and not the predicted 4. Hope you've all been good boys and girls in my abscence and given some of them nasty old DCA's a torrid time Only just back with new lines and broadband etc so lots to catch up on. I'll start with this thread I guess (te he) then have a look about to get back to speed. I guess I must let the family etc know I'm back in existence too!! 'till the weekend I guess. P.S. Hello again all you guests..Remember me? Guess what guys, I'VE MOVED just in case you wondered why my phone got disconnected......
  17. It's my belief jed52, that a properly executed and legal CCA should be signed by both parties.
  18. Patience is a virtue here suzannef. Sit back now and wait to see what responses that you get from your letters. Once you have them just come back as someone will always be here to help you. As jed52 says, spend the time reading as much on here as you can and you will learn a great deal
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